CONFIRMED: The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster News We’ve Been Waiting For

Rock 'n' Rollercoaster open
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Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster closed for a lengthy refurbishment in February. Disney gave no reopening date at the time of its closure. All that was said at the time was to expect it to be down “until summer.” This started the rumor mill running on Hyperdrive.

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Credit: Disney

The Aerosmith coaster has long since been rumored to receive a re-theme. When it went down for a multi-month refurb, many fans assumed this was finally happening, especially in light of the recent allegations against Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler who has denied the claim.

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Given Disney’s penchant for cutting ties on the basis of accusation alone, many assumed this controversy would be the nail in the coffin for the rockin’ ride in its current iteration. Fans have been speculating on just who (or what)/exactly could replace the iconic band. Theories have ranged from solid guesses (Queen) to absolutely absurd (the Muppets).

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However, it’s now known that Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster will not be rethemed, at least not at this time. Aerosmith will continue to rock Disney World’s most intense coaster (and the only one that goes upside-down). Whether this is good news or not depends largely on how you feel about the band’s music, but we are pretty excited to be “back in the saddle again.”


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Even more exciting, the ride is opening very soon! Recently we reported a rumored June 3 opening, and things seem to be on target for that date. Today the ride began what is called a soft-open. That is where a ride or show is not yet no one to the general public, and yet, select people are chosen to experience the attraction. This is almost always done shortly before the attraction opens up for everyone.


Credit: Disney Parks

Guests will soon be invited to “walk this way” and experience the thrill of a crazy limo ride through LA once again. We wonder if the project wrapped up early because it’s certainly not yet summer, even if it feels that way in Florida. Then again, Disney starts celebrating Halloween in August, so maybe late May is summer in Disney’s book.

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