Can You Name All The Characters In This Vintage Disney Parks Photo?

MGM/ Hollywood Studios vintage photo characters question marks

This vintage photo was taken in the early ’90s at MGM Studios, which was renamed Hollywood Studios by Walt Disney World Resort in Florida in 2008. Half of these characters still have a strong presence in the Park today, but the other half are extremely rare to come across. Can you name them all?

Let’s take this from top to bottom.

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Surely you recognize the masked green, weapon-wielding characters, but maybe you didn’t know that they were ever associated with the Disney Parks. That’s right, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made appearances at the Parks and even danced in parades for Guests. In the purple mask we have Donatello, in orange in Michaelangelo, the red mask is Raphael, and the blue is Leonardo. You must be a real Ninja Turtle fan if you named their female face character companion in yellow. That’s April O’Neil!

The three animals on the next row should be a bit easier. Of course on the left we have Beast from Walt Disney Animation Studio’s 1991 Beauty and the Beast. Equally beast-y on the right, is the iconic Star Wars furball Chewbacca. Both of these characters are still Disney Park frequents. Last in the center, is none other than Roger Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), who Guests haven’t seen in the Parks for years!

MGM characters vintage


On the bottom left we have one of the most popular Disney Princesses in her original look wig, seashell bra, and fin. Princess Ariel from Disney’s classic animated The Little Mermaid (1989) sits on a rock next to Prince Eric.

Next, is none other than Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood who’s stunt show at Hollywood Studios is still going strong. Not to mention the fifth installment of the Indiana Jones film series Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is set to hit theater this June!

Above Marion Ravenwood is another classic Disney Princess in her village dress. Belle cozies up to the Beast in this picture, probably getting ready for the mini stage show adaptation of Beauty and the Beast (1991), which also still performs today.

C3po ewoks jim henson dinosaurs mgm vintage photo


The shiny gold robot from a galaxy far far away centers the photo, next to some teddy-bear creatures from the same story. Star Wars fans will immediately recognize C3PO and the Ewoks from George Lucas‘ generation defining space opera. Star Wars  has only gained popularity and now takes up more Park real estate with the Galaxy’s Edge area of Hollywood Studios as well as Star Wars Launch Bay.

Last, but not least, these creatures may be the hardest to identify – unless you’re a Jim Henson fan. Check out these vintage characters from Jim Henson’s Dinosaurs (1991), a puppet driven TV show from the creator of The Muppets (1955). In the orange we had father Earl Sinclair, in pink is mother Charlene Sinclair, and holding a Mickey Mouse toy and rattle is Baby Sinclair.

Did you recognize them all? Which ones did you miss? Check out the full photo below!

full photo mgm studio characters disney park florida 1992


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