Is It Worth It To Give Birth At A Disney Theme Park For A Lifetime Pass?

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With ticket prices skyrocketing, the idea of a lifetime pass to Disney Parks is a dream for mega Disney fans and regular theme park goers alike. One theory that has been circulating for years, is that if someone gives birth inside a Disney Park, then that child earns a lifetime entrance pass. Is it too good to be true? Is it even really that good?

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Disney Fan Tries to Induce Labor At Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Believe it or not, this myth has sent dozens of pregnant Disney fans rushing to the Parks once contractions have started in desperate attempts to have their baby born on Disney property. Pregnant women have been seen doing squats in the Magic Kingdom Hub and posting videos with captions like “Trying to give birth at Disney, so our baby gets a lifetime pass,” and “It’ll be worth it.”


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Whether @sallytrubella was kidding or not is not clear, but births have occurred at least three times in Disney Parks. Unfortunately, none of those babies were recipients of the coveted, magical lifetime Disney Pass. Turns out this myth is totally busted. While Disney Parks may pay for an ambulance ride to the hospital, they certainly will not award your child with any special privileges.

Where Did Getting a Lifetime Pass For Giving Birth at Disney Even Come From?

The misconception comes from when the first baby was the first baby born in Disneyland at California in 1979. Her name is Teresa Salcedo And she DID NOT get a lifetime pass. She may a have received a Disney birth certificate from Cast Members trying to make some magic. As this story traveled from mouth to mouth, the certificate turned into a lifetime pass and the myth was born!

Pregnant Disney Park Goer Starts Contractions and Is Taken Away

@Over.dose.on.Disney posted a video on TikTok recently that actually shows a pregnant woman starting contractions along Main Street USA in Disneyland Resort in California. It’s not clear if the woman intended to give birth at the park, but the time is suddenly upon her!


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Her discomfort is clear as the Guest sits on the sidewalk in a purple dress. The man, presumably the baby’s father, sits next to her unclear of how to proceed. Disney Parks are hard to navigate with a ton of walking on even a slow day. The idea of choosing to visit the parks at such an advanced stage of pregnancy is a mark of a true Disney fanatic.

Cast Members soon bring in a gurney and roll her away to give birth at a safer location!

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If Disney really gave out lifetime passes Magic Kingdom might turn into a maternity ward! Stay home or go to the hospital if you are pregnant and give your little baby a Disney-inspired name instead. I can’t imagine how miserable an experience walking around a Disney theme park in blistering heat while pregnant would be, let alone bringing a baby into the world on parade route.

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