Bob Iger Proves Why He Deserves to be at the Top With Heartwarming Tweet

Bob iger tweet
Credit: The Guardian

Today in a move that showed the world just why he is so good at what he does, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger  tweeted a congratulatory message to James Cameron and 20th Century Media following the sucess of Avatar: The Way of Water.  The film is curjrently shattering records left and right proving that (despite recent accusations) Iger knew what he was doing when he acquired what was then named 20th Century Fox.

He also thanked the fans acknowledging that without them, the film couldn’t have been successful.  This shout out was well reviewed by followers and fans who appreciated that Disney’s CEO knows that without fans, there is no studio. It’s a breath of fresh air for fans who’ve felt unappreciated for years.

Iger knows how to win over a crowd, both in Hollywood and amongst the fan base. His predecessor former CEO Bob Chapek never quite learned how to do this. Chapek only ever managed to alienate both in Hollywood where he had several disputes and the fans (many of whom he infamously called “unfavorable”).

Bob Iger’s tweet comes on the heels of the latest Avatar installations historic sucess. Over the weekend the film became only the sixth movie to ever surpass $2 billion dollars. Director James Cameron eron (a G.O.A.T in his own right) is responsible for THREE  of those six top grossing films: Titanic,  Avatar,  and Avatar: The Way of Water.  


Credit: Disney

To call that achievment impressive would seem like an understatement. Cameron is on record expressing concern (and possibly a bot of doubt) about the film’s need to be a success stating, “Avatar 2 represents the worst business case in movie history because it needs to become one of the three or four top-grossing movies of all time just to break even.” It has done that and more. Analysts claim that the film has currently made half a billion in profit.

The Tweet from Iger warmed our hearts. It is good to see someone take time to appreciate the accomplishments of others and the role fans play in that sucess. It was a real class-act thing to do and we’d go so far as to say class was what was missing at Disney these past two years.

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