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Disney’s Top 10 Animated Characters That Have Won Our Hearts

Here’s my disclaimer: this list is not of the cutest characters or even necessarily my favorite characters. This is a list of some obvious lovable characters, but also of the characters that were maybe a bit rough at first, but proved their hearts to ours. This list has some underdogs, some background characters, some heroes. They’re all worthy of love: ...

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8 Things You’ll Love About Sanaa At Walt Disney World

Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of my favorite Disney Resorts. It is so unique and rich and magical. Its restaurants are, too. There are so many things to love about this beautiful dining choice, but here are 8 things I think you’ll love about Sanaa: 1. The Flavors Sanaa invites you to step inside an East-African spice market with Indian ...

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9 Overlooked Attractions in Walt Disney World Parks

Everyone knows the Disney big-shot rides: Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Avatar Flight of Passage, Expedition Everest, Soarin’, Space Mountain…but what about the little guys? The attractions that get passed over on the way to these other rides? Well here are 9 overlooked attractions that might deserve another shot: 9. Living With the Land: This ride often gets overlooked because of ...

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Top 12 Reasons I’d Rather Be at Walt Disney World

There’s no introduction needed, is there? I’d rather be at Disney. Always. Every day. All the time. Here are my 12 reasons why: 12. No Driving Maybe it’s just me, but driving stresses me out, especially on vacation. I never know where I’m going or what I’m doing or where I’ll park or if I have to pay or anything. ...

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8 Things You’ll Love About Rose And Crown Pub And Dining Room

I love England. I love everything about it: the people, the landmarks, the food, the general feeling. So naturally, I adore the Rose and Crown Pub and Dining room in Epcot. Here are some things I think you’ll love about it too 8. IllumiNations View Note: Illuminations’ last show will be September 30, 2019. “Epcot Forever”, a temporary nighttime spectacular, ...

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