Top 7 Places to Get Coffee in WDW

By Molly Elias

I’ll be honest: I am in a very serious relationship with coffee. It’s probably a bit unhealthy, but I choose to overlook that… This list has seven of my favorite places to grab a great cup of joe in the Parks. There may be more that I haven’t explored yet, but I am confident that I will conquer them soon. The list looks at everything from quality of the coffee to the experience surrounding it. In my opinion, if you’re drinking coffee in Disney, you really can’t lose.


7. Sleepy Hollow: This is a quick serve place in the Magic Kingdom that isn’t the most popular and often gets passed by without anyone noticing. Their primary sellers are funnel cakes and ice cream, but they have savory coffee drinks, too. It’s easy to stop by on your way to Fantasyland or even Adventureland. I don’t recall the lines ever being too long so it’s extra convenient. It’s fun to try new things! So next time you’re tempted to just stop in at Starbucks on Main Street, hold out and grab something new at Sleepy Hollow!

6. Coffee Carts: These carts are all over the parks, heavily so in Hollywood Studios and Epcot. They’re super convenient and have great coffee options! The carts are placed in spots that make it easy to grab a coffee on your way to wait forever for Test Track or starting your journey around the World. They have several different varieties of coffee, smoothies, pastries, and cookies. The prices aren’t exactly cheap (especially for a frozen cappuccino-yikes) but the drinks are consistently good. I believe Joffrey’s Coffee has taken the label on the majority, if not all, of these carts, but the products remain the same.

5. Starbucks: This may very well cause a debate, but that’s okay. People were very divided about the addition of the Starbucks franchise to the Parks. I am a huge Starbucks fan and even I was a little put out. With all of that said, Starbucks has great coffee. I love grabbing my usual order on Main Street and enjoying it throughout the day. Having the store in Epcot has been surprisingly good, too. Even though Starbucks is now ever-present, they haven’t taken away from Disney in any way. The bakery on Main Street, which is now where Starbucks lives, still looks like the bakery. And the Starbucks in Epcot just gives you a beautiful view of the fountain and Spaceship Earth while you sip your Frappacchino.

4. Les Halles Boulangerie & Pâtisserie: Who doesn’t love dipping a chocolate croissant into a great cup of coffee overlooking the streets of Paris? Epcot’s France Pavilion gives you the chance to do this. I love this whole area so adding coffee to it just makes me extremely happy. It is technically quick serve so the options there aren’t super expensive, even with the addition of wines and beers on the menu. The Pâtisserie is tucked away, which makes it a quaint, lovely little spot to enjoy beautiful France and great coffee.


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3. Royal Anandapur Tea Company: Don’t let its title fool you; this stand has awesome coffee as well as specialty tea. It’s also in a really great location in Animal Kingdom. It’s right on the way to Everest, if you want to risk a stomach full. When given the choice, I almost always choose coffee, but their tea is also really amazing. The tea choices are unique to that area of the world and are delicious-especially peach! But when I’m being loyal to coffee, I love to grab an iced coffee here and sit in the little alcove by the water overlooking the boats or wander over to hang with the Colobus Monkeys.

2. Resort Coffees: The coffees in the resorts can be just as unique as the hotel itself. Every resort has a designated spot to get coffees and other drinks, but some have specialty coffees that just need to be tried. For example, the Polynesian Resort has its own coffee bar that doubles as a sushi bar at night. This coffee will be from Hawaii and other Polynesian islands. The Contemporary has an amazing coffee bar, too, right off of the lobby. I love to get coffee from Jiko at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It’s always rich and delicious. Bonus: the Kenyan coffee ice cream at Jiko is unbelievably good-try it!

1. The Writer’s Stop: You can’t really beat a cozy coffee shop in the middle of Disney. That’s what the Writer’s Stop is. Covered in books and movie props, this spot is perfect for taking a breather and enjoying a great cup of coffee. This shop has other things, too, like smoothies and cookies and croissants. There’s a comfy couch and chair by a TV that are perfect for relaxing. I adore escaping to this little piece of a writer’s heaven for a pick-me-up in the middle of the day. It’s also fun to grab a coffee and walk the Streets of America before making your way over to Muppets.


About Molly Elias

Molly Elias has been a dedicated Disney fan since she was 18-months old. She has grown up with and learned from Disney her whole life. As her family's main vacation spot, Disney World is a place of love and laughter and magic for her. Her family also prides themselves on their Disney Cruise Line knowledge and would rather be on the high seas with Mickey than anywhere else in the world. Molly plans to keep Disney in her life forever, while also pursuing a writing career. She recently completed a master's program in creative writing in the hopes that someday she will be able to be a writer for the Happiest Company on Earth. Molly keeps Walt's famous quote at the forefront of her life: "Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."