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Disney’s Newest Season of ‘The Santa Clauses’ Ditches Satanic Jokes, Reaffirms Christian Holiday Message

the santa clauses

Disney+ is a great place to spend your holiday evenings surrounded by loved ones while enjoying a vast selection of holiday shows and movies. Popular Disney favorites likeĀ The Muppet Christmas CarolĀ (1992),Ā Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before ChristmasĀ (1993), andĀ A Christmas Carol (2009) are perfect for tree-lit nights accompanied by warm snuggles on the couch, hot cocoa and maybe a sweet treat. Another ...

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Disney Allegedly Continues Politically Correct Purge With Removal of ‘The Aristocats’

disney+ removes aristocats

The Walt Disney Company ventured into the streaming industry by launching its own service, Disney+, in 2019. In a highly competitive market, where viewers have various options like Netflix, Peacock, and Apple, Disney+ aimed to offer a unique streaming experience. However, despite being a late entrant, Disney+ lacked in its content offerings compared to its competitors. To everyone’s surprise, Disney, ...

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Scarlet Johannson’s ‘Tower of Terror’ Movie Back in Production Post-Strike

scarlett johansson tower of terror

Scarlett Johansson appears to haveĀ zero plan on returning to her iconic MCU of Black Widow, but that doesn’t mean her time with Disney is over.Ā  The extremely popularĀ SingĀ (2016) starĀ has been tight-lippedĀ regarding a potential return to Marvel Studios as Natalia Alianovna Romanova; however, after lawsuits filed by Johansson, which claimed Marvel committed a breach of contract for her 2021 filmĀ Black Widow, ...

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‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’ Returns to Theatres for an Exclusive Audience

'The Muppet Christmas Carol' Returns to Theatres for a Limited Time

Gonzo, Kermit the Frog, and Miss Piggy, all together in a classic retelling of Charles Dicken’s masterfully writtenĀ A Christmas CarolĀ (1843), what’s not to love? Since 1992,Ā The Muppet Christmas CarolĀ has been delighting audiences with its humorous take on the classic story of Ebenezer Scrooge, Christmas spirit of past, present, and future, and Tiny Tim. A Jim Henson take on one of ...

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Mickey Mouse Headlines RSVLTS’s New Must Have Holiday Line of KUNUFLEX Shirts

Mickey Mouse Headlines RSVLTS's New Must Have Christmas Line of KUNUFLEX Shirts

Having trouble getting into the festive spirit? No worries, RSVLTS has you covered with their newest Disney-inspired line of button-down shirts! Turkey Day is quickly approaching, meaning if you haven’t started your Christmas shopping, you might want to get off the couch and snap to it! Actually, on second thought, before you go, we’ve got the perfect gift idea for ...

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Video: Frozen Ever After at EPCOT Freaks Out Guests with Frightening ‘Overlay’

frozen ever after

Maelstrom never had these issues; Disney World’s Frozen Ever After ride at EPCOT once again frightens guests with a haunting ‘overlay.’ Since 2016, tucked away in the Norway Pavilion at EPCOT’s world showcase, Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Olaf, and the gang have been delighting fans on Frozen Ever After. The beautifully crafted boat ride, which replaced the fan-favorite Maelstrom, takes ...

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New ‘Douglas Fir’ Attraction Brings Cheer and a Few Laughs to Guests at Disney Springs

douglas fir mickey mouse christmas disney springs

Christmas time is in full swing at Walt Disney World, bringing with it a few annual experiences like the Candlelight Processional at EPCOT and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom, as well as a brand new event at Hollywood Studios, called Jollywood Nights. Surrounding Disney World’s suggested inability to coordinate and execute its inaugural version of its latest ...

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Emily Blunt Trades in Husband, John Krasinski, for ‘Captain America’s’ Chris Evans

emily blunt john krasinski chris evans pain hustlers

AsĀ strike agreementsĀ have brought the stall of film production to a close, Hollywood is a buzz with new movies and shows. As streaming wars heat up, with Disney’s recent purchase of Hulu, Netflix finds itself in a battle for entertainment ground and has recently turned to Disney greats like Emily Blunt and Chris Evans to help maintain their upper hand. Emily ...

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