Disney Guest Gets “Revenge” For Rude Behavior on Popular Dark Ride

Disney Guest Gets "Revenge" For Rude Behavior on Popular Dark Ride
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Classic Disney dark rides remain a staple in Disney Parks all over the world. Disney’s dark rides remind us of a time when Disney fans could overcome those terrifying villains with the help of our favorite Disney characters.- They often encompass the same story-telling elements that we fell in love with. Stories and characters like Peter Pan work so well as Disney dark rides because it’s easy to hide mechanisms that make the attraction work. Doing so allows Guests to relive their favorite Disney films and adventures in real time! 


However, the biggest drawback to any classic Disney dark ride is that if Guests ignore specific rules, the experience is destroyed for everyone! Although certain Disney fans enjoy catching a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what makes their favorite attractions run, others want the illusion of magic to be maintained. Keeping up the appearance of realism is especially true for Disney Park Guests with small children. Although these rides typically have a narrative, it’s difficult for many Guests to enjoy the portrayal of magic when all don’t follow Disney dark ride rules.

Common Disney Dark Ride Rules

pirates of the caribbean

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You’ll find that most of the rules for Disney dark rides apply to every single attraction at Disneyland Parks around the globe or Walt Disney World. Stay seated always unless instructed otherwise, keep your hands and feet inside the ride vehicle at all times; expectant mothers often should not ride, and properly supervising children are a few rules that Disney Guests are familiar with.


There is one rule specific to Disney dark rides that Guests often ignore. No flash video or photography! Personally, I’ve had several run-ins with Guests using flash to take pictures on The Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s almost always annoying as it illuminates things I’m not meant to see during the ride, or it simply is blinding and can be very jarring for Guests. 

Peter Pan's Flight

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As just about everyone has a cell phone equipped with a flash for video and pictures, the problem is constant in Disney Parks. Despite a block of instruction at the beginning of every Disney dark ride, Guests often ignore the rule and ruin the perspective of other Guests who are trying to enjoy the attraction. I’ve witnessed occasions of confrontation from Guests who are fed up with bright lights during dark rides and Guests with complete disregard for anyone other than themselves, more often recently at Walt Disney World. You can imagine my frustration when I learned that the problem is spilling over into Disneyland Resort in California and beyond. 

Disneyland Paris Guest Claims to Have Gotten “Revenge”

Recently, a Guest to Disneyland Paris took to Reddit to ask opinions on how they handled a similar incident at Disneyland Paris’s Phantom Manor dark ride. If you’re unfamiliar, Phantom Manor is very similar to The Haunted Mansion, which you’ll find at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort. Inspired by Marc Davis‘ Pirates of the Caribbean style idea aptly named Western River Expedition, Phantom Manor is a refreshing take on the old gags from The Haunted Mansion. As the Manor sits in Frontierland at Disneyland Paris, its story differs from the Haunted Mansion that you’re familiar with, but it keeps to tradition as it is also a Disney dark ride.

A question on using a camera light on dark rides.
by u/Erikthered65 in disneyparks



Reddit user @Erikthered65 claims to have experienced the frustrating issue of riding The Phantom Manor with other Guests who were shining their lights while recording and taking pictures. @Erikthered65 explained that they were unsure how to handle the situation initially and wanted advice from Reddit users regarding “shouting” and “name-calling.” In the user’s frustration, they decided to take matters into their own hands and get “revenge” on the Guest who was ignoring the rules of dark rides. The Reddit user claims they exited the doombuggy and found a “dark corner.” As the rider in question left the attraction, @Erikthered65 decided to jump out and blind the Guest with a flashlight from a cell phone. “Hopefully, he’s still seeing stars, ” the Reddit user said. 

Don’t Do This on Dark Rides, Even if You’re Frustrated

Phantom Manor Disneyland Paris

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The world is a crazy place, and although we completely understand and sympathize with Guests having to deal with others who ignore rules or feel they don’t apply to them, DO NOT DO THIS! Talk to a Cast Member instead. They train to handle this type of behavior. They also have the authority to manage Guests who act outside the rules appropriately. Although our vacation time at Disney Parks is precious, not to mention expensive, it is difficult to tell how someone would react to a bright light popping up in their face. Some Guests could become violent or injure someone or themselves.


Although we’ll admit that if what this particular Reddit user claims to have done is true, it is comical, we’d NEVER advocate for this type of behavior. Two wrongs certainly do not make a right. If you’re having issues with Guests behavior during your next trip to Disney, take your concerns directly to a Cast Member. Lastly, turn off your flashes on Disney dark rides, please! If you’re taking pictures of videos, take the extra second and ensure you aren’t ruining the experience for other Guests. 


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