Haunted Mansion Sets Summer Closing Date Ahead of Halloween

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Haunted Mansion is one of the most iconic and classic attractions at Disney theme parks, and fans are very protective of it! In fact, a brand new live-action movie adaptation of the ride is set to come out later this month. Haunted Mansion stars some big names and is promised to actually be pretty scary, at least more so than the 2003 Eddie Murphy version. Even though fans know the Haunted Mansion is a go-to Halloween attraction, Guests are sad to see it close.

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Credit: Disney

Disneyland quietly announced via its calendar that its Haunted Mansion attraction at Disneyland Park would be closing.  On August 14 this summer, the attraction will close for about two weeks in order to redecorate everything. Disney Parks’ Halloween parties are really just right around the corner, and it’s time to make room for Haunted Mansion Holiday, which is set re-open with its new spooky theming on September 1.

Disney’s Haunted Mansion Holiday is a seasonal overlay of the classic Haunted Mansion attraction at Disneyland in California (as well as Tokyo Disneyland in Japan.) It combines elements of the Haunted Mansion with characters and themes from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. The overlay transforms the Haunted Mansion into a whimsical and spooky holiday adventure, with a storyline revolving around Jack Skellington.

haunted mansion holiday closing overlay disneyland dates nightmare before christmas theme

Credit: Disney

In classic Jack style, Mr. Skellington takes over the Haunted Mansion attraction by giving it a festive Halloween AND Christmas makeover. Inside the ride, Guests encounter Jack himself and other characters from the movie like Sally, Oogie Boogie, and the three mischievous trick-or-treating ghosts. The scenes and set designs are altered to depict the unique blend of Halloween and Christmas, with spooky yet cheerful decorations, eerie lighting, and holiday-themed music.

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Disney’s Haunted Mansion Holiday offers a unique twist on the classic Haunted Mansion experience, combining the eerie atmosphere of the original attraction with the imaginative world of The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s also helpful that the theme parks go right into Christmas parties after celebrating Halloween so that the decor can last the rest of the year!

Haunts will pause from August 14 through September 1, but then it’s All Hallow’s Eve for two months long! Then Christmas! Happy Haunted Mansion holidays to all.

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