Horrific Jack Sparrow Spotted At Hidden Pirates Of The Caribbean Revamp

captain jack sparrow pirates of the caribbean disneyland paris refurbishment
Credit: Disney, EuroDisney Archives/Twitter

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most fan-celebrated Disney film franchises and arguably the most iconic ride at its theme parks, even though there are many. The whole brand has come under fire since the franchise’s lead actor Johnny Depp suffered wildly publicized domestic abuse accusations from ex-wife Amber Heard.

Disney’s choice not to stand by him hurt his chances of returning, as well as the audience’s perception. Not to mention that some of the ride elements themselves were criticized for being offensive. That being said, Captain Jack Sparrow has taken a few devastating hits recently, and these images you’re about to see from Disneyland Paris are not going to help.

pirates of the Caribbean film captain jack sparrow johnny depp Disneyland paris ride

Credit: Disney

Guest Spots Cloaked Jack Sparrow in Pretty Bad Shape

An authentic steam-powered train takes Guests around Disneyland Paris’ Disneyland Park from Main Street Station and Frontierland Depot. Disneyland Paris notes that it is ideal for seeing sights and attractions, including the Grand Canyon Diorama, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, and, yes, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. This time, eagle-eyed Guests got more sights than they bargained for.

EuroDisney Archives took a video through the caverns of their Disneyland Railroad ride and spotted something rather unsettling. In the video, through the theme park rock, Guests can make out parts of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride refurbishments that are currently taking place. There’s a black cloak in the middle covering the Jack Sparrow figure…well, covering all but his head. Take a look…

disneyland paris pirates of the caribbean ride odd jack sparrow refurbishment railroad

Credit: EuroDisney Archives/ Twitter

Poor Captain Jack Sparrow is totally bald! Or “scalped,” as EuroDisney Archives not so gently puts it. They note, “I think someone may want to tell Disneyland Paris that you can see the scalped head of the Jack Sparrow animatronic under refurbishment from the railroad… ”

Other Twitter users replied in agreement that it was “bad show.” One Guest mentioned that they noticed it too the week before! Translated from French @Pueblo_DLP said, “Normally, the windows are covered during rehabilitation of the attraction.” Another user suggested helpfully that a Cast Member should be informed, especially the ride operator, and they will immediately have it fixed.

Here’s the video they posted to give you another perspective.

Yo ho, yo ho…Oh, Jack Sparrow, what have the pirates done to you, my Captain?

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