MCO Takes a Cheap Shot At Popular Walt Disney World Attraction

MCO Takes a Cheap Shot At Popular Walt Disney World Attraction
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If you’re a frequent visitor to Walt Disney World or Orlando, chances are you’ve found yourself at the Orlando International Airport at some point. Otherwise known as MCO airport, derived from its tradition as McCoy Air Force Base name, Orlando International Airport is considered the unofficial beginning of vacation for many. The airport ranks in the top ten as one of the busiest in the country. Guests from all over the world travel through the airport to Orlando’s incredible Theme Park selection or while visiting other parts of Florida.

MCO has its place in Disney culture. Many Guests will recall the good ole days when you could hop onto Disney Magical Express at MCO. The Magical Express was a built-in service provided by Walt Disney World for Guests flying into MCO airport who were also staying in a Walt Disney World Resort hotel. Guests could check their bags, hop on the bus and not worry about a thing as they were carried to the “Most Magical Place on Earth.” To heavy outcry, Disney discontinued the service in 2021.

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MCO airport, specifically MCO East Hall in terminal B, also is home to the Magic of Disney store. Located in the main terminal, Magic of Disney allows arriving and departing Guests to browse through popular Disney Parks merchandise. Visitors waiting for their flight at the airport can find just about what they want or need at Magic of Disney.

Orlando Airport also heavily promotes popular Theme Parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. Impressive promotional displays can be seen from time to time within the airport. One of our recent favorites was this video promotion for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando.

MCO’s promotional decor for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration was also top-notch!

However, like many Central Florida-based businesses, MCO sometimes likes to pick on Disney. Of course, it’s all in good fun, but recently the Orlando International Airport took a shot at one of Disney World’s most famous attractions.

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Hilarious right? If you don’t get the joke, let us break it down. Over at EPCOT, just a few miles from Orlando airport, you’ll find the popular attraction Soarin’. The original ride, which opened in 2005, allowed Guests to experience the feeling of flight as they soared over famous California-based landmarks. However, the attraction has since been rethemed to include worldwide locations such as the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China. Guests are treated to a unique experience accompanied by wind passing by their faces and beautiful scents.

There’s a secret to Soarin’ that few people know, however, at least until they ride it. The attraction works by lifting riders into the air before a giant screen. The screen is domed, however, and if you’re in the wrong seat, certain aspects look warped. It’s been an ongoing joke within the Disney community for years. There are three different concourses where you’ll stage and listen to Patrick Warburton explain the safety rules for the ride. The best concourse for viewing the attraction as it was meant to be is Concourse B. Concourses A and C are not centered with the screen, thus presenting a warped look during certain scenes.

One of the most notable warps is during your flight over Paris. Guests will fly past the Eiffel Tower; however, the famous landmark will look curved and wonky if you’re in Concourses A or C. This is well known among those profoundly familiar with EPCOT and apparently by MCO. Earlier today, they posted this hilarious shot at Disney and the screen warping at Soarin’ to Twitter. They even included Warburton’s line from the instructional video “Nice Work Pal.” It’s a fantastic quib at Walt Disney World. Done all in good fun, we can appreciate the joke!

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