NEW Universal Halloween Horror Nights Speculation Map Finally Released

Halloween Horror Nights Speculation Map
Credit: Universal

We’re halfway through summer, and there’s one thing on everyone’s mind! No, it’s not school clothes shopping or how to store leftover fireworks. Instead, inquiring minds want to know what to expect during the 32nd run of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios! As we get closer to the fan-favorite event, we’re all desperate for information. More so this year than ever, as by this time, Universal has typically filled fans in on at least a few of the house details. So far this year, we’ve only gotten two confirmed Halloween Horror Nights houses so far,¬†Chucky¬†and¬†The Last of Us.

In sharp contrast to Disney World or Disneyland, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios is the pinnacle of entertainment for fans looking to maximize their spooky fun during the Halloween season. This isn’t your grandaddy’s Halloween party. Hosted at Universal Orlando and Universal Hollywood, Halloween Horror Nights has developed a specific brand of over-the-top scares, thrilling attractions, unique foods, and a loyal fanbase. The biggest draw for Guests isn’t riding roller coasters or scare zones. However, it’s the haunted houses.¬†

NEW Universal Halloween Horror Nights Speculation Map Finally Released

Credit: Universal

Haunted Houses at Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights aren’t your typical run-of-the-mill fear factory. Instead, they are highly developed concepts surrounding popular characters, movies, and shows. Movie-quality scare actors combined with elaborate sets lend their hand to the popularity of these haunted houses. Attending a haunted house at Universal Orlando or Universal Hollywood isn’t just about wetting your pants in fear; there’s a story told in each attraction. This could be a familiar story, such as Michael Myers in¬†Halloween, or an original idea, such as the Weekend haunted house from 2022.¬†

What We Know So Far About 2023 Halloween Horror Nights

Although we’ve got a couple of confirmations regarding houses that will take place during the 2023 Halloween Horror Nights event at Universal Hollywood and Universal Orlando, much of the information is shrouded in secrecy. This has led to speculation. Fans have made entertaining guesses at what houses will join the known attractions this year. Five Nights at Freddy’s, a Lady Gaga-themed house, and the return of fan-favorite Stranger Things have all been topics of discussion amongst loyal Halloween Horror Night attendees. However, nothing is confirmed.¬†

Halloween Horror Nights

Credit: Universal

There is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel, however, as some sources have found success in releasing speculation maps that are reliable at times. Halloween Horror Nights is no different this year, as V3, a fan-favorite source of rumor and information, has released their best guess at what Universal may have in store as Guests navigate the fog this year! This season includes a few properties of note that Guests will find most interesting! Horror Night Nightmare shared the V3 speculation map via Twitter. 

HHN 2023 Potential Haunted Houses

universal halloween horror nights haunted house scary jump scare scream

Credit: Universal Resort

Haunted house themes that will surely catch the eye of Guests hungry for terrifying information are¬†The Exorcist,¬†Evil Dead Rise, Monsters Paris, and¬†Megan. Of course, these are all properties currently owned by Universal, and it would make complete sense that they’d use their licensed materials to create their 2023 haunted houses in both Universal Orlando and Universal Hollywood. However, we must consider that this is purely speculation. As the poster warns, it’s strictly for fun, and things “can and will change.”

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It’s challenging, however, for HHN fans as they are used to having more concrete information by this time of year. It is worth noting that some of these prediction maps have been spot on in the past, taking accurate guesses at houses like¬†Nightmare on Elm Street¬†and others. So although we can process this new information with skepticism, there is some hope to be had.¬†

HHN 2023 Potential Scare Zones

Halloween Horror Night

Credit: Universal

Some may have also noticed that this speculation map doesn’t just show potential ideas for haunted houses. The map also includes what looks like scare zones. If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, scare zones are areas at Universal Studios that transform once the sun sets and darkness creeps in. In each scare zone, you’ll find elaborately decorated sets with actors ready to frighten you as you pass. Scare zones also frequently utilize the famous fog that HHN fans enjoy.¬†

According to the speculation map, scare zones may include Death Eaters (standard annually at the Parks), Vamps ’69, Jungle¬† and Carnival of Oddities. Although it isn’t much to go on, at least it’s something to hold fans of HHN over until Universal confirms more information. If anything, the speculation map brings with it a certain amount of fear and anxiety…we mean excitement!¬†

New Houses for 2023 Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights

Credit: Universal

Assuming Mickey Mouse and Disney World aren’t scary enough for you, head down the street to that other Theme Park at night. If this speculation map is even slightly accurate, this would be the year to skip out on Disney World or Disneyland and hit Universal Orlando or Universal Hollywood instead. If proven to be true, there are some doozies on this map that will draw significant fanfare from Halloween Horror Night junkies.¬†

Holidayz in Hell stands out among the crowd for the Universal Hollywood map, accompanied by fan-favorite returning Terror Trams with a celebrity twist! As is the fun of guessing which houses will be included in the 2023 run of Halloween Horror Nights, the current speculation map keeps a lot quiet. As you can tell from the above Twitter post, much of what is included is alluded to through symbolism instead of freely given, but not to worry, we think we’ve cracked a few for you!

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Did you take a close look at the Universal Orlando map? Did you notice the trees with slashed claw marks? Our best guess is Jurassic Park or The Predator! Did you see the “C” in the top right? Could it be Dr. Oddfellow? Do you agree? Again, it’s worth noting that this map is pure speculation. As mentioned by the original poster, it’s all good fun, but we’ve got to admit, we hope some of these are right! See you in the fog, horror fans!

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