Could a Fan Favorite Return for Halloween Horror Nights 2023?

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Last week Universal Studios finally gave us an update for 2023’s Halloween Horror Nights. Although we typically have a better idea of what houses are coming to the annual event by this time, Universal has been relatively quiet, only sharing that there will be two houses based on “Chucky” and “The Last of Us“. As event fans are unquenchably thirsty for details surrounding the spooky spectacle, rumors tend to fly. This year’s version of Halloween Horry Nights has been no different.

Halloween Horror Nights is on its 32nd rendition since its beginning in 1991. Both coasts get in on the disturbing action when their respective Parks are transformed into a horror fan’s worst nightmare! The Haunted Houses are the biggest draw, but the frightening fun doesn’t stop there. The event brings specially themed scare zones to the Park, exclusive merchandise, and food. It has grown a cult following of fanatics who wait all year long for the houses to be leaked!

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HHN fans may remember a relatively successful house from a couple of years ago that may return in 2023. The internet has been abuzz with rumors and gossip suggesting that fan-favorite Stranger Things is making its way back this year! According to Attractions Magazine:

“This year, we see Stranger Things season four has been added to the rumor queue. The 2023 event theme for Florida is expected to be stories involving children and young adults. “M3GAN” and “The Last of Us” are other haunted house rumors, with Chucky already confirmed. If rumors are correct, “Stranger Things” will be at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights as part of the twisted childhood stories of possible event icon Cindy Caine, a previously scrapped Halloween Horror Nights icon who could finally have her time in the spotlight.”

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The original house quickly checked boxes with Guests who got the chance to experience it, and rumors (maybe combined with a bit of wishful thinking) have run rampant since then that it will return. From my perspective, it would make more sense for the house to come on the heels of the next season, which is set to debut on Netflix next summer, but introducing a new version of the famous house would help to promote and keep fans interested alive while we wait!

Either way, Halloween Horror Nights is gearing up for an incredible year, and we cannot wait! With the recent release of Passholder dates for the event and the addition of “The Last of Us,” fall can’t get here soon enough. Whether or not the rumors about a “Stranger Things” house are just that, typically where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and in this case, we’re hoping for third-degree burns! We’d be more than ready to head back to the Upside Down and get our scary on with a demogorgon or two!

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