Already Breaking Records: Why ‘Wish’ May Be Disney’s Biggest Film of the Decade

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Yep, you read that right!

For the millions of fans who have been begging Disney for original stories, the upcoming animated feature film Wish is truly a dream come true. Disney fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the release of this upcoming animated film, which looks to be a masterpiece.

Just What the Disney Fans Ordered

For the past several years, fans have become sick and tired of the influx of live-action remakes coming out of Walt Disney Studios. Disney is known for their original stories and has become famous for them, so seeing strictly remakes coming out for the past several years has been extremely frustrating for a lot of fans.

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Credit: Disney

Not only are fans hurting, but Disney’s profit is as well. Recently, the profitability of live-action remakes has gone down significantly. While live-action films like Aladdin¬†and¬†The Lion King¬†surpassed $1 billion in revenue with ease, recent films like¬†The Little Mermaid¬†failed to near such an achievement.

Wish, which is an entirely original story, aims to reignite the Disney fanbase with a classic, new fairytale adventure.

It’s Everything We Could ‘Wish’

The plot of Wish revolves around the young Princess Asha, voiced by the talented Ariana DeBose. Asha discovers an ancient wishing star that has the power to grant any wish. However, when the star falls into the wrong hands, Asha must embark on a perilous adventure through a strange world to retrieve it. Along the way, she discovers a colorful crew of characters who join her on her quest to save the kingdom. The film is supported by a talented cast, including Chris Pine, Alan Tudyk, and Angelique Cabral.

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Credit: Disney

At the recent D23 Expo, where Disney fans were treated to exciting announcements and sneak peeks, the studio unveiled a taste of Wish. The clips showcased stunning animation, colorful landscapes, and a catchy original song written by Julia Michaels. With the reviews from the event thriving, the public was more excited than ever to see the film’s trailer.

Earlier this week, the trailer for¬†Wish¬†became even more viral than Disney could have hoped it would be. In the first 24 hours after its release, the trailer surpassed 66.5 million views. This is a massive accomplishment. Equally impressive is the fact that the trailer is Disney’s most viewed trailer on the TikTok app ever.


‘Wish’ Is Coming for ‘Frozen 2’

The last Disney trailer to see these kinds of numbers was Frozen 2¬†back in 2019. Due to the fact that¬†Frozen¬†already had a massive fanbase, things are looking very good for¬†Wish.¬†These numbers also suggest that¬†Wish¬†may be Disney’s most successful release of the 2020s so far.

The film is set to release only weeks away on November 22, 2023. If this film is a smash hit, it will be a massive win for all of the fans vying for original stories.

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