Classic Disney Dreamers Join New Princess on ‘Wish’ Poster

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Credit: Sanjay Artist/ Twitter

Disney Fans are really looking forward to Walt Disney Animation Studios’ newest Disney Princess film, Wish. The trailer looks adorable and recalls a more classic style of animation technique. Audiences who were lucky enough to get an advanced glimpse loved it and can’t wait to see more. Not to mention, actor Chris Pine plays an evil Disney villain king!

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Credit: Dinsey

In anticipation of the new Disney movie, an artist named Sanjay drew on Walt Disney’s patented idea of “wishing” and created a version of Wish‘s movie poster that Disney fans couldn’t believe wasn’t by Disney itself. Sanjay took inspiration from official images released for Wish with some of the most recognizable Disney dreamers.

Wish‘s Princess Asha sits on a rock, looking up into the star-filled night sky, with one star shining exceptionally bright. Going along with the concept of Asha’s “wishing upon a star,” Sanjay sketches a classic Disney character cloud over her shoulder. They are lightly added as if a part of the magic of the sky itself.

disney movie wish princess asha movie poster fan art disney dreamers characters star

Credit: Disney, Sanjay Artist/ Twitter

The characters include Princess Tiana and firefly Ray from The Princess and the Frog (2009), Wendy Darling from Peter Pan (1953), Lilo from Lilo & Stitch (2002), Geppetto from Pinocchio (1940), adult Simba from The Lion King (1994), and Disney Princesses Moana and Snow White.

Maybe these Disney dreamers are making their own wish, or maybe they’re all combining the power of their wishes to support Asha in hers. Either way, the overall feeling is especially magical. Sanjay also shared a motion version of his art. Check it out below!

Wish takes place in a magical wish kingdom ruled by Chris Pine’s King Magnifico. When Asha discovers how power-hungry the king is, she makes a wish on a star that goes a lot differently than she planned. It falls right out of the sky and down to earth! See how Asha and the star’s magic save the kingdom when Wish hits theaters this November 22!

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