A New ‘Star Wars’ Movie…Sort Of…

Rebel Moon scene
Credit: Netflix

A trailer for a new Netflix movie was recently released, racking up millions of views. And if you like lightsabers, space operas, aliens, droids, and rebels battling an evil empire…but hate Star Wars…then this movie may be for you.

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An Anti-Star Wars Film

The upcoming movie (part of a multi-film series) is titled Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child of Fire.

Confusing, it is?” Yoda might say. However, the Jedi master is absent from this movie.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Rebel Moon is written, directed, and produced by Zack Snyder, mainly known for large epics such as 300 (2006) and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). Its official synopsis “In a universe controlled by the corrupt government of the Mother World, the moon of Veldt is threatened by the forces of the Imperium, the army of the Mother World controlled by Regent Balisarius. Kora, a former member of the Imperium who seeks redemption for her past in the leadership of the oppressive government, tasks herself to recruit warriors from across the galaxy to make a stand against the Mother World’s forces before they return to the planet.”

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Rebel Moon screenshot

Credit: Netflix

If that sounds like it echoes sentiments of the Star Wars saga, then you’re right. The movie was once a Star Wars project when it was initially conceived. However, after director Zack Snyder wanted complete creative control without having to work within the Star Wars universe and worry about how it would connect with other storylines, he shelved the project.

Rebel Moon Trailer screen shot

Credit: Netflix

“I never wanted it to be [a Star Wars movie], because your hands are tied to the IP,” Deborah Snyder (Zack Snyder’s wife and producer of his films) said. “I was happy it fell apart.”

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Return of the Rebel (Moon)

Years later, however, it has been resurrected by Netflix. Although it is not officially a Star Wars movie, the trailer shows many similar elements one may find in any of the nine Skywalker Saga movies, including space battles, blasters, aliens, and more. But maybe, as a Star Wars fan, I’m biased…

The Rebel Moon (2023) movie stars Sofia Boutella, Anthony Hopkins, Ray Fisher, Charlie Hunnam, and Djimon Hounsou. The full Rebel Moon trailer can be viewed here:

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