Ray From ‘Star Wars’ Says She Would TRADE Chewbacca for a Smaller and Cuter Animal

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Not cool, Ray… not cool!

For the millions of Star Wars fans around the world, Chewbacca is pretty close to perfection. The incredible Wookie has stolen the hearts of fans due to his iconic appearance, hilarious grunts, and awesome personality.

Despite being incredibly brave, Chewie can be sensitive at times. Recently, fans videoed an interaction between Chewie and Ray that clearly hurt the Wookie’s feelings.

Galaxy's Edge

Credit: Disney

Meet Chewbacca and More at Galaxy’s Edge

In a galaxy not so far away, fans of the epic Star Wars saga can immerse themselves in a truly unforgettable experience at Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Resort. This incredible land brings the beloved Star Wars universe to life, allowing Guests to step into their favorite films and become part of the action. Disney truly outdid itself with this remarkable addition to their lineup of theme parks, creating an adventure that will thrill Star Wars enthusiasts of all ages.

Galaxy’s Edge can be found at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California, as well as Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort. At both locations, fans have to opportunity to meet and interact with a plethora of Star Wars characters. Of all of them, Chewie is certainly one of the most popular among Guests.

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Credit: Disney

Ray, the Most Sassy in the Galaxy

Disney Parks fans love getting to speak to characters at the Parks. Disney Parks fans Hannah and Ari, @tinymiccrew, were interviewing Chewie and Ray when they decided to ask Ray,

“If you were going to trade Chewie for another creature in the Galaxy.”


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♬ original sound – Hannah & Ari

After pondering the question, Ray answered that she would want to trade him for a Porg!


Credit: Star Wars

Chewie is immediately offended by the statement, and the interaction turns very tense. The TikTokers posted a follow-up video showing Rayv apologizing to Chewie.


Replying to @erin mckeon here is rey’s apology video 😅 #tinymiccrew #chewbacca #chewie #starwars #disneyland #disneyparks #disney #disneycharacters #galaxysedge #disneycreator #disneycommunity

♬ original sound – Hannah & Ari

This is such a fun interaction between these characters; what a fun experience!

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