Life-Sized Home Depot Yoda Will Be the Talking Point of Your Holidays

star wars disney home depot yoda holiday animatronic lightsaber witch hat santa hat decoration
Credit: Lucasfilm

This year, Home Depot is really working to be customers’ home for the Disney Holidays. Earlier today, Nightmare Before Christmas fans were delighted at Home Depot’s new 13-foot-tall Jack Skellington decoration that moves and sings! It is truly the Pumpkin King to Home Depot’s other Disney Halloween decor designs, including a life-sized Oogie Boogie animatronic and Inflatable Haunted Mansion Busts with synchronized music! But the home improvement store isn’t stopping at classic Disney merchandise…ready for the Home Depot Yoda animatronic?

star wars disney home depot yoda holiday animatronic lightsaber witch hat santa hat decoration

Credit: Home Depot

Now Home Depot is offering a life-sized Star Wars character to really give your home that immersive galactic holiday feeling you’ve been looking for. Get ready to have a 3.5-foot animated Holiday Yoda as your newest holiday guest! Home Depot promises that Master Yoda is ready to get festive. His traditional robes are dressed up with a classic Santa cap, and he comes with a sign reading, “A Merry Christmas You Will Have.”  Holiday Yoda goes on sale in August and costs $199.

The Home Depot’s short ad showcases Yoda saying phrases such as, “Enjoy the festivities, you will.” and “Have much fun together, we will.” The motion activated animatronic is apparently very wise with seasons greetings and moves smoothly as he delivers his teachings – green lightsaber in hand. The voice-over likens Yoda’s life-like details to Santa’s capability to know “who’s been bad or good.” So, yea, that’s a little creepy. But hey, take a look for yourself!

Are you in love with Home Depot’s Holiday Yoda and sad you can’t keep him on display in your house longer? No worries! Home Depot’s got you covered with Master Yoda’s Halloween outfit! Switch that Santa cap out for a pointy black witch hat and boom- Yoda’s ready for your Halloween line up. There’s even a sign replacement that for the spooky season reading, “Beware of the Dark Side You Must!” Scary stuff!

star wars disney home depot yoda holiday animatronic lightsaber witch hat santa hat

Credit: Home Depot

There is no current guarantee on how pets will react to the Home Depot Yoda decoration, or recommendations for proportional Christmas tree sizing. Whether he be defending the wrapped presents under your Christmas tree or generating Halloween nightmares, the Home Depot Yoda is ready to celebrate the holidays with your family!

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