You Can Be the Pumpkin King This Halloween With Home Depot’s New 13-Foot Jack Skellington

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This Is Halloween!”

Disney and Home Depot have teamed up to bring all the spooky goodness to your Halloween display this year! Taking advantage of last Halloween’s trending sale item, The Inflatable Haunted Mansion Busts with Synchronized Music, the place where “doers get more done” is at it again this year. We’ve been lucky enough to write about many exciting Disney Halloween decorations this summer. However, you won’t want to miss out on this newest entry into our “Disney-must haves” for Halloween. Disney and Home Depot have done it again, but bringing everyone’s favorite Halloween frontman, Jack Skellington, to life in a big way! 

Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas

Credit: Disney

Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas debuted at the New York Film Festival shortly before its theatrical release in 1993. The stop-motion animation film was a unique project mined from the brain of famous director and producer Tim Burton. Featuring a new type of medium for art, claymation, the film’s production walked at a painful pace, but the end product brought a loyal base of fans who adore the characters and scenery.

The most popular character in Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas is Jack Skellington. He’s the King of Halloween, but like most of us at our everyday jobs, he’s feeling a bit burnt out and is looking for something exciting to make him feel dead again. That is when Jack, the Pumpkin King, happens upon Christmastown. He’s amazed by what he sees, and everything goes wrong when he attempts to bring Christmas to his Halloween home! 

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Credit: Disney

The movie has grown a surmountable following and remains popular for families at Christmas and Halloween. In fact, there is great debate as to whether it should be considered specific to either holiday. We say, “Why not both?” Nightmare Before Christmas and Jack Skellington has become so beloved that Disneyland hosts a season-specific layover dedicated to the film at their Haunted Mansion.

“Everybody Scream” – Disney Jack Skellington at Home Depot 

Who needs a massive 13-foot animated Jack Skellington Halloween decoration? Me-I do! Playing on the sale success of their ridiculous large, yet terrifying, giant skeleton, Home Depot has upped the ante. 2023 deserves something more than a 12-foot bag of bones; it deserves the Pumpkin King himself! And that’s precisely what we’re getting. Priced at $399, Home Depot patrons can take home the forever iconic Jack Skellington.

This isn’t just any Jack Skellington. He’s 13 feet tall, fully animated, and sure to one-up that pesky neighbor that doesn’t realize you’re in a decorating competition. This Disney Jack Skellington from Home Depot moves his head and sings, but that isn’t the best part. He’s not only perfect for Halloween, he’ll add a little macabre to your Christmas decorating this year too! 

Other Disney Halloween Options at Home Depot

The frightening fun doesn’t stop with our giant Pumpkin King friend, Jack Skellington. He isn’t the only character from Nightmare Before Christmas you can take home this Halloween: his trusty, yet not-so-alive, companion Zero stake prop and hanging decoration. You’ll also be fearfully delighted to find plushes and large inflatables featuring Jack’s main squeeze Sally. And what would a Disney-themed Halloween yard be without Oogie Boogie himself? Pick up a 7-foot inflatable of the gambling Boogeyman accompanied by his minions Lock, Shock, and Barrel. 

If The Nightmare Before Christmas isn’t your thing, that’s okay; Home Depot has plenty of other Disney options, including several Mickey Mouse inflatables that’ll make your yard the best on the block. You can even find Ursula to add the Disney villain vibe we know you love! However, the product that folks are sure to clamor for this Halloween season is Home Depot’s 13-foot animated Jack Skellington decoration. 

UPDATE 7/15/2023


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