You’d Never Expect THIS to Be the Most Surreal Experience In Walt Disney World

animal kingdom tree of life
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Walt Disney World Resort is full of surreal and otherworldly experiences which take Guests and truly transport them into another world, in more ways than one.

haunted mansion walt disney world magic kingdom

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In Magic Kingdom, one of the best examples of this feeling can be found in the queue for the Haunted Mansion, in which Guests are brought into the stretching room.

Over in Hollywood Studios, the best example can be found during Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, in which the Guests’ ride vehicle moves from one elevator shaft to another.

pandora the world of avatar animal kingdom

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But one of the best examples can be found in Animal Kingdom, during Avatar Flight of Passage. This attraction is easily one of the most immersive and otherworldly experiences in Walt Disney World, taking Guests into the alien world of Pandora, onto the back of a mountain banshee.

It’s so immersive that Guests can feel their ikran, or mountain banshee, breathing the entire time.

However, would you believe us if we told you that this attraction can become even more surreal? It’s true! But not in the way you’re expecting…

avatar flight of passage

Credit: Disney

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In a recent Reddit post, an anonymous Guest details what it’s like to experience an emergency stop while riding Avatar Flight of Passage. They write,

Ever wanted to know what it’s like/what happens if someone pushes an emergency stop button on Flight of Passage? Well; I can confirm: You get absolutely the full, jarring experience, as in Avatar when various belligerents push the E-stop on people’s link units.

Imagine hitting a solid wall of silent black nothingness at 100mph and losing all spatial awareness and most self-perception momentarily. At least you get to come-to to friendly CMs, not a rogue colonel waiting to punch you in the face.

kiri (sigourney weaver) avatar the way of water

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This attraction works in a similar way to EPCOT’s Soarin’ Around the World attraction, but with even better Disney magic.

Guests board ride vehicles in three different tiers, just like Soarin’ Around the World. Then, all three tiers are suspended in the air during the attraction. But unless you take your eyes off of the screen, you’d never know it. So, when everything comes to a complete and sudden stop, Avatar Flight of Passage easily becomes one of the most surreal and uncomfortable experiences around.

Have you ever experienced an evacuation from a Walt Disney World Resort attraction that just felt…unreal? Let us know! 

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