Walt Disney World Reportedly Experiences More Crime Than This Bustling City

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Walt Disney World Resort is known as the Most Magical Place on Earth, but for many parents, it’s also regarded as one of the safest places on Earth to vacation at.

From Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studios to EPCOT, each Disney Park is meticulously judged based on the Walt Disney Company’s high standards.

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Each Cast Member, attraction, and nighttime spectacular is vetted time and time again to ensure the safety of everyone within the theme park.

However, the Disney magic can only do so much. Nothing is perfect, and that includes Walt Disney World. While this family-friendly vacation destination is incredibly safe to visit, it’s reportedly not as safe as this bustling Canadian city.

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Quebec City (also known simply as Quebec) is the second-largest city in its province. It’s also, fun fact, the birthplace of poutine!

But more importantly, it’s safer than Walt Disney World.

Based on 2019 statistics, Walt Disney World reportedly experienced “a rate of 45.12 incidents per 1,000 people” However, Quebec City experienced a significantly lower rate of incidents.

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According to Quebec City 101,

…Quebec City continues to shine as a safe haven. The city boasts an impressively low rate of violent crime, with a mere 1.72 incidents per 1,000 people reported in 2019…Property crime, which includes theft and vandalism, is equally subdued in Quebec City. In 2019, the city recorded a modest rate of 20.18 incidents per 1,000 people…

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In short, while Walt Disney World is the home of Mickey Mouse, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Mickey-shaped pretzels, its safety standards aren’t enough to create an environment as safe as Quebec City.

The next time you’re considering a vacation destination, maybe give Quebec City a try! While there aren’t any Mickey-shaped popsicles, there’s an incredibly low crime rate, making it a safer place to visit than even Walt Disney World!

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