Animal Kingdom’s Most Popular Attraction Reportedly Making “Unsettling” Noises, Ruining the Magic

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Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom is home to six different neighborhoods, hundreds of animals, and dazzling experiences.

But the newest and most popular addition by far is Pandora – The World of Avatar, which takes Guests and transports them onto an otherworldly planet, full of peaceful boat rides and thrilling rites of passage.

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Out of the two attractions in Animal Kingdom’s Pandora section, one is clearly more popular than the other: we’re talking, of course, about Avatar Flight of Passage.

In fact, Avatar Flight of Passage may be the most popular out of all Animal Kingdom rides.

Due to this ride’s popularity with Guests, we like to pay close attention to how well the Disney Park is taking care of it. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a bit of a ‘two steps forward, two steps back’ situation with this beloved ride.


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Not long ago, one Guest complained about the inconsistency of the misting effect. That, coupled with the deterioration of the projector’s quality led us to believe that the attraction may be falling apart before our very eyes!

But then, we visited Avatar Flight of Passage again and noticed that one of this ride’s effects had been totally fixed: the avatar floating in the tank during the queue is now moving again, after years of staying static and still.

However…the other shoe has dropped yet again:

Strange noises on Flight of Passage
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One Guest recently visited the Disney Park and heard something rather disconcerting while riding the star attraction.

They describe the sound as “machine grinding,” which is definitely the last thing you want to hear while riding an attraction, extended in the air. Not only does this disrupt the magic and illusion of the attraction, but it’s also a rather frightening thing to hear while riding this attraction.

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Unfortunately, we don’t know what is causing this noise, nor if it’s been fixed yet. Stay tuned to Disney Dining for the latest news and updates regarding Walt Disney World attractions.

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