Guests Accidentally Subjected to PG-13 Display During Animal Kingdom’s Signature Attraction

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Walt Disney World Resort is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the entire world. Not only because of each Disney Park’s unique offerings but also because the entire Resort is such a family-friendly vacation destination. So Guests were incredibly shocked when they were subjected to a PG-13 occurrence while visiting Animal Kingdom.

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Animal Kingdom may be the most unique Disney Park in the world. For one, it’s the largest theme park in the world due to the Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction, which takes over one hundred acres of land to ensure the live animals have enough space.

For another, Animal Kingdom is the most-visited zoo in the entire world!

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The Disney Park’s signature attraction is Kilimanjaro Safaris, taking Guests on a tour of Animal Kingdom’s Harambe Wildlife Reserve.

There, Guests board an open-aired safari truck and experience a nearly 20-minute tour of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve, spotting 30  different species of animals.

Because this attraction’s source of entertainment consists of live animals, some tours are more exciting than others. One tour, in particular, was more exciting than ever as Guests were caught in an awkward situation:


The Circle of Life @disneyparks Animal Kingdom #animalkingdomdisney #animalkingdom #circleoflife

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In this video, Guests are shocked as the lions begin…participating in the “Circle of Life,” to put it delicately. The Cast Member apologizes and laughs, saying there’s nowhere for her to go.

Credit: Disney

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She apologizes to any Guests with children. However, the Guests take it in stride and laugh it off. After all, some things can’t be helped, and that includes the “Circle of Life!”

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