This “Secret” Animal Kingdom Hack Could Be Disastrous If Guests Start Using It

Animal Encounters: Winged Encounters – The Kingdom Takes Flight
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By now, it’s not surprising to hear of a Disney life hack. However, it is surprising to hear of one that sticks without resulting in privileges being taken away from Guests.

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One of the most infamous examples is the ‘life-hack’ that included wearing something skimpy to a Disney Park, or otherwise out of dress code. Back in the day, Disneyland and Walt Disney World alike would give Guests a voucher for a free shirt up to a certain amount.

However, as more and more Guests began showing up in shirts that are out of Disney’s dress code restrictions, Disneyland and Walt Disney World rolled back this privilege. Now, Guests who arrive in shirts that don’t meet the dress code requirements must pay full price for a new one, instead of getting one for free.

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It’s unfortunate, but it’s true: when many Guests begin taking advantage of something in this way, Disney must find a way to shut it down, making the experience less magical for all other Guests.

Now, a new Disney ‘life hack’ is surfacing on social media, specifically for Animal Kingdom:


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This hack includes skipping the massive lines that can accumulate at the Disney Park’s entrance by sneaking into the Rainforest Cafe and traveling through the restaurant to the secluded check-in point.

However, we’re here to say that this ‘hack’ could be a terrible idea if too many people try it at once.

Credit: Disney

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Not only will it ruin the dining experience for Guests with reservations for the Rainforest Cafe, but it will also congest the area. Eventually, Animal Kingdom will implement a rule stating Guests without reservations will not be able to visit Rainforest Cafe, and yet another privilege will be taken away from Guests.

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