Disney Woes Claim Another Victim: Couple Says Goodbye to Disney Bubble, Chooses Universal

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A guest recently took to Reddit to explain how the prices at some of Disney’s resorts have become so absurd they are simply bidding adieu to good ol’ Mickey Mouse.

It’s no secret that Disney’s prices have been highly debated over the last few years. The primary cause for this has been the consistent increase in prices that guests have had to deal with periodically in order for The Walt Disney Company to deal with increasing operating costs and, of course, a struggling company.

However, these prices have caused more and more guests to say goodbye to Disney, and it appears Disney’s pricing woes have claimed yet another victim.

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Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

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Couple Shares They “Just Can’t” Do the Disney Bubble Anymore

A guest took to Reddit to share an unfortunate anecdote about her and her boyfriend’s upcoming Disney vacation at Walt Disney World. The couple agreed they would “splurge” on this trip and stay in the bubble. Since the couple wasn’t sure of their exact dates, they booked a placeholder hotel for six days, which cost them $1200, including complimentary breakfast and free parking.

The couple decided Swan and Dolphin would be their resort hotel of choice for this dream vacation; however, when it came to prices for the Disney resort, just three days at the hotel ran up $1200.

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, Walt Disney World / Credit: Theme Park Tourist, Flickr

The Disney fan explained,

The plan was to stay in Swan and Dolphin so we can get “deluxe perks” for the moderate price. Welp this past weekend it was time to pay and at this point we went from “lets do the whole week at swan” to “lets just stay there for half the trip” but even just 3 nights at the Swan/Dolphin, the total was going to be $1200, and it doesn’t even include breakfast! Literally double the price of our off property go-to hotels with less amenities! Insane!

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin

Walt Disney World’s Swan and Dolphin Resort /Credit: Swan and Dolphin

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The guest called out Disney resort prices, considering some of them were “glorified motels” with “paper-thin walls” and “cafeteria food.”

The OP concluded,

This might be our last [hurrah] for at least a few years, next year we plan to get Universal AP to take advantage of Epic Universe [at Universal Orlando Resort], and we have a big trip to Japan that we’re saving for, so Disney just doesn’t make sense for a while, especially when there’s no big rides/experiences opening outside of Tiana for a few years! Oh well!”

Hollywood Studios

Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: mckenzie-sobieski on Unsplash

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In the comments of the thread, many fans acknowledged how Swan and Dolphin, in particular, was super well-known within the Disney community for highly fluctuating prices.

One Disney fan commented, “I’ve seen a room for $150 a night and that same room be $1,000+ other times. Obviously it’s a better deal when it’s cheaper but the rooms are pretty standard and not anything special.” 

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Credit: Brian McGowan, Unsplash

With Epic Universe coming soon to Universal Orlando Resort and the other incredible theme parks at the Central Florida theme park, it’s certainly notable competition for Disney. It’ll be interesting to see how Disney chooses to deal with its rival upping the ante.

Which do you prefer, Universal Orlando Resort hotels or Walt Disney World Resort hotels? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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  1. We have decided to down grade our Disney passes this year. We purchased universal passes last year and enjoy universal so much more. Not to mention, the Deluxe resorts st universal are cheaper than Disney and include express pass. Also cast members at universal are much more friendly and helpful

  2. We quit Disney last January 2023. We want to celebrate our 50th Anniversary at Disney and after 35 yearly trips we call it quits. Prices have gotten out of hand the food is terrible. Tasteless except at Boatwrights and Polite Pig. The only two dining you get quantity and quality for the price. Disney resorts should be one price and not change daily are monthly. One price everyday year round and for what you pay should have room service everyday. Out of 35 trips we never went to Universal but will now. Prices are more affordable. We can stay and park entrance for about half the price on. 6 day stay compared to Disney.

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