Guest Ignores Explicit Instructions, Ruins the Magic for Everyone Else

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Some Disney guests showed their true colors when they ignored explicit cast member instructions and caused a mess with a “poopy” diaper.

Bad Guests

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Disney vacations are a dream come true for many guests. Especially in light of how expensive a Disney vacation has become today—it can even cost the average family $10,000—enjoying one’s time at the Disney Parks is paramount.

However, while Disney itself provides the environment and the place within which to enjoy oneself, there’s one key element that matters along with that: guest behavior.

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Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Brian McGowan, Unsplash

Guest Ignores Cast Member’s Instructions, Changes Diaper in Vehicle

On a Reddit post where a guest expressed their frustration with much bad guest behavior at Disney, one fellow fan shared a shocking anecdote of how far some will go.

Earlier this week, a Disney guest explained that they’d had a magical time at the parks, but their “gripes” were, as usual, “the people.”

While commiserating about bad guest behavior, one fan shared an anecdote of how a guest once ignored explicit cast member instructions not to change their baby’s diaper in the ride vehicle and ruined the magic for everyone else.

animal kingdom tree of life

Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, Walt Disney World / Credit: Theme Park Tourist, Flickr

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The guest wrote,

Safari Driver and Cast member says “don’t change your child’s poopy diaper on the safari vehicle”

Person still changes their child’s poopy diaper in the Safari vehicle. Poop proceeds to fall in ride vehicle.

Yea…some people can really ruin the magic.

lions in kilimanjaro safaris

Credit: Disney

Fellow parents of young children were shocked at this bad behavior from the guest.

One commented, “I have a child, and I can’t think of the level of audacity one has to have to think it’s okay to change a shitty diaper on a theme park ride that’s full of people. I just. Wow. Even if it’s a blowout. I’d be like ‘well this sucks, just gonna B-line it to the bathroom as soon as we’re done.’”

disneys hollywood studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Becky Burkett

Ignoring cast member instructions is an issue not just because you might ruin someone else’s trip, and make their life more difficult but because there are times when those instructions are meant to keep you and others safe.

Needless to say, this kind of behavior is certainly not done at the parks.

Have you ever seen anything like this happen at the parks? Let Disney Dining know in the comments!

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  1. The thing about reddit and any other from of social media is that you can make up any story you want and people will think it’s true. You can lie through your teeth and people will react as if it really happened. Priyanka will even write a story about it without fact checking if it was true or not.

  2. My husband and I were in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World one evening about five years ago waiting for the fireworks to start; we were sitting at one of the outside tables near the Pinocchio Village Haus area. A family approached an empty table near us and proceeded to change their baby’s diaper on the tabletop. They did not clean the tabletop either before or after using it and left the area after they had finished. We alerted a staff member that the table needing cleaning, something the family who had used it did NOT do.

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