The Real Reason Disney Movies Are So Sad

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Disney is known for its magical stories and has a knack for making movies that can tear your eye. We will deeply dive into why Disney makes sad movies and how they make us feel so much.

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Disney’s sad movies cover different kinds of stories, but they all share a common theme – they make us feel deep emotions. Take The Lion King (1994), for example. It tells a story of loss, betrayal, and the circle of life. The death of Mufasa and Simba’s tough journey pulls at our heartstrings and stays with us long after the movie ends.

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Another classic, Bambi (1942), shows us the delicate nature of life. The tragic death of Bambi’s mother is a powerful and sad moment that has left an emotional mark on audiences for years. Coco (2017) takes us on a journey into the afterlife, dealing with themes like family, remembering loved ones, and the passage of time. This film, while culturally rich, also explores the idea of death in a touching and emotional way.

One main reason Disney makes “sad” movies is that Disney likes to tell stories. By showing characters facing tough times, Disney gives us a way to feel and understand sadness in a safe place. This is especially important for kids who are learning to deal with their feelings. Sadly, life has its highs and lows, and Disney knows that. Disney keeping things real and relatable by adding sad parts to their stories. They want us to see that it’s okay to feel sad sometimes because it’s a part of life. This helps us connect more with the characters and the stories.

One Disney film that helps fans feel and understand feelings is Inside Out (2015). This Pixar film talks about the role of sadness in our lives and teaches us about things like resilience and understanding our emotions better. Sadness, disgust, Anger, and joy are all feelings that everyone has such as the movie shows and how little or big changes impact our lives.

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Disney also knows that making a good movie that includes heartbreak, and tough stories, such as Up (2009) let the watchers feel for these characters. Moments such as Carl almost losing his house, after losing his wife, and not being able to fulfill dreams and adventures. While this movie touches on hard topics such as miscarriage, death, aging, and being alone. Another thing about this movie is that it features caring and loving moments like Russell, a young boy looking to be a Junior Wilderness Explorer and get his badge to help the elderly cross the street. While Carl seems cold-hearted towards him at the beginning throughout the movie, you can see how he starts to care for Russel and lets go of the past.

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Disney’s sad movies leave a strong impression because they tap into deep emotions. By exploring sadness, Disney connects with us on a personal level. These movies are not just about animation; they’re about sharing stories that touch our hearts.

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