What the Classic Disney Gang Would Order from Starbucks

Ever since Disney made an agreement with Starbucks to have the popular coffee shops in the Parks, our lives have never been the same. Combining two of our biggest obsessions was a brilliant – and dangerous – choice. We can’t even walk down Main Street without stopping for an iced coffee anymore. It’s bad. But really good for Disney! While sipping on our peppermint mocha, we couldn’t help but wonder what our favorite Disney characters would ask for at Starbucks.

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Picture this: Mickey and Minnie are enjoying a lovely stroll around Magic Kingdom and Mickey lets out a great, big yawn. “Oh, boy! It looks like it’s coffee time, Minnie!” he says cheerfully to his sweetheart. So they step into the Main Street Bakery and tell the barista their orders. What do they get? Keep reading to imagine with us!

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We’re imaging Mickey as a Dark Chocolate Mocha kind of guy. Mickey is so sweet that it only makes sense that he would want a sweet drink, too. But he’s also not messing around. He needs his caffeine fix to run all of Walt Disney World. A mocha will do just the trick. This delicious drink is great for any time of year, even if it’s blisteringly hot in Florida, plus he could always order an iced mocha to enjoy! A mocha is a classic drink. And who better to enjoy a classic than a classic himself? Mickey Mouse!

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We feel like Minnie is more of a tea gal. Maybe she doesn’t mind coffee, but she just prefers tea. She enjoys a good Earl Gray or mint tea, but her absolute favorite Starbucks drink of choice would have to be a Chai Tea Latte! This drink is so rich and creamy! Plus, the spices that make up this tea are absolutely magical! We imagine Minnie grabbing an iced or hot chai at the Starbucks in EPCOT and sipping on it while she walks around the World Showcase!

Starbucks Teas

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Goofy is all about his sugar fix. He would absolutely go for a Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino Blended Beverage. No question. While Goofy does not exactly need any sort of energy boost, he always chooses one. We think it is safe to assume that Goofy loves really sweet drinks – after all, he does have his own Candy Company! We’re not totally sure on Goofy’s coffee opinions. In our minds, Mickey and Donald try their best to keep him as far away from caffeine as possible, but he probably tries to sneak it in when he can!

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Donald is a tough duck. He would order a coffee. Black. No sugar. Tough coffee. He swears he likes it better that way. He would strut up to the counter at Starbucks and ask for their darkest roast on drip, and then scoff when the nice barista asked him if he wanted room. This is what he would do if he was with any of his friends, anyway. If Donald was visiting the Starbucks in Animal Kingdom on his way to a safari by himself, he would 100% order a Pink Drink! Deep down, Donald is a sucker for fruity and sweet!

Starbucks Pink Drink

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In our minds, Daisy is a Starbucks regular. She’s a member that visits every day and currently has 300 Stars in her Starbucks app account. We imagine that she loves the seasonal drinks and is first in line for Pumpkin Spice Lattes in the fall and tries every new drink at Christmastime. But for the in-between months, Daisy’s go-to normal order would be an Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso. She likes to stay away from milk dairy, so for Daisy, oat milk is incredible! This rich drink is perfect for keeping her going in her busy day and comforting with its delicious flavors!

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We’re picturing college Max in this scenario. College kids are known for their intense coffee habits and Max is no exception. Since he is in college and thinks that he’s a full-grown adult, his tastes are very refined now. He grew up drinking Frappuccinos with his dad, but that’s too childish for him now. Max’s grown-up drink of choice is now a Honey Almond Milk Cold Brew. Regular iced coffee just doesn’t cut it for Max anymore. He needs that extra boost of caffeine from the cold brew. Like Daisy, Max has given up all normal dairy options, so almond milk is the way to go for him. While he tries to stay away from anything sweet, he can’t resist that little dollop of honey in his coffee!

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Pluto is a simple dog. He just wants his pup cup from Starbucks. Any time he and Mickey go to the coffee shop, Mickey always makes sure to get something for his best pal. And the baristas love to see Pluto’s wagging tail in the store! Starbucks has a drink just for dogs! The Puppuccino is incredibly popular for pups! They gobble it down. Okay, so maybe Puppuccinos are just small cups filled with whipped cream, but Pluto doesn’t care! A treat is a treat!


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What is your go-to Starbucks order? Tell us in the comments!

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