OFFICIAL: Entire Disney Park Finally Closes in Response to Dangerous Weather Pattern

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An entire Disney Park is closed all day today in response to a dangerous weather pattern and growing concerns over the weather’s dangers for Guests.

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In recent weeks, Disney World Guests have been among those who have found themselves in the middle of dangerous summer weather trends. Florida is home to the Walt Disney World Resort, sunny beaches, Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld Orlando, Busch Gardens, and many other tourist locations and vacation destinations. But for all the thrilling attractions, sandy beaches, and copious dining venues around the state, danger lurks in the Sunshine State–a danger that sometimes has serious consequences for residents of, and visitors to, Florida. It’s a threat that Disney World Guests, as well as guests of other destinations in Florida, must take very seriously–the high temperatures and high humidity in Central Florida during the summer, and especially this summer.

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A Crazy Hot Summer

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) says that temperatures in June in the United States were much higher than usual, and it seems very few states in the union were immune from the intense series of heat waves that have been bullying the country for weeks. Higher-than-average temperatures were recorded in June in states in the Pacific Northwest to the Northern Plains, the Southern Plains, and the Florida Peninsula. Even states like North Dakota experienced some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded in the month of June. The same was true for Louisiana and Minnesota.

A series of heat waves, as well as a heat dome–a weather phenomenon that occurs “when the atmosphere traps hot ocean air like a lid or cap,” according to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)–are to blame for the unusually warm temperatures in the United States this summer, and so far, there seems to be no immediate relief in sight.

Weather Affects Disney Parks Operations

While the heat and humidity rarely impede Disney Parks operations in the United States, the high temperatures may have something to do with a recent trend at Disney World. Over the 2023 summer so far, crowds seem to have dissipated at the Central Florida Disney Parks, and while there’s no clear consensus on the reason for the summer slump, there are several possibilities for it. It could be because a Disney World trip costs too much for some. Others may not be visiting because they are taking a stand against the company’s recent “woke” ideology.

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But many aren’t visiting because of the recent weather patterns. Heat and humidity can yield extremely high heat index values, meaning that it can be 95 degrees outside, but if the humidity is high enough, the heat index could exceed 100 degrees–and that’s the temperature the human body feels and responds to.

Sometimes Weather Ceases Parks Operations Completely

It’s quite a different story when major storms like hurricanes and typhoons threaten damage to Disney’s theme park resorts and danger to Guests visiting those resorts. In late 2022, Disney World was forced to close in response to hurricane warnings in Central Florida. Hurricane Ian barreled through the Florida Peninsula in September 2022, and damaging winds and flash flooding left many without power, without their homes, and without a sense of direction. Disney World experienced flooding as well, and, in addition to that, many Guests who were already staying on Disney property when the hurricane hit were forced to remain in their hotels as Cast Members attempted to entertain and bring a sense of peace and calm to them.

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On the other side of the world, however, the threat of impending danger from storms like typhoons can render an entire Disney Parks Resort inoperable.

Disney Park Closed Entirely in Response to Weather

On Monday, the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort announced that the resort would be closed in response to a typhoon warning in the region.


According to the HKDL Fantasy account on Twitter, the threat of danger from Typhoon Talim has forced Hong Kong Disneyland Resort to close for the entire day. The tweet reads, “Due to Typhoon TALIM, Hong Kong Disneyland is closed today. Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre will also remain closed.”

According to Reuters, Typhoon Talim is expected to “smash into China” late on Monday. The news outlet continued by posting the following:

Tropical storm Talim strengthened into a typhoon early on Monday and is set to be the first to make landfall in China this year, prompting authorities to issue flood warnings, cancel flights and trains, and order people to stay at home.

The China Meteorological Administration said the typhoon was expected to increase in intensity to become “severe” by the time it makes landfall at night along the southern coast between Guangdong and Hainan.

First-of-its-kind live outdoor musical party “Follow Your Dreams” debuts at Hong Kong Disneyland's Castle of Magical Dreams - Hong Kong Disneyland

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There’s no word at this time about the resort’s plans to reopen or to remain closed on Tuesday, as that decision will likely be determined after the storm makes landfall and authorities have the opportunity to assess any damage and any continued threat to the public. As this story continues to develop, more information will be shared as it becomes available.

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