Here Are the Weirdest Food and Drinks You’ll Find at Disney World’s 50th

50th Celebration Hot Dog
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World Resort is currently in the midst of celebrating its monumental 50th anniversary celebration. There are brand-new nighttime shows like Disney Enchantment and Harmonious, the new attraction Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure at EPCOT, and a ton of great specialty food and merchandise that you can find at not only the theme parks, but also in Disney Springs.

Disney World 50

Credit: Disney

While there are dozens of absolutely delicious-sounding food and drink, there are also some dishes that just sound straight-up odd. Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest food and drinks that Disney is offering during the 50th anniversary.

Squids Revenge Drink

Have you ever wondered what your drink would taste like if there was a piece of octopus in it? Well, now you can find out exactly what it would be like if you visit Be Our Guest Restaurant in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. According to Disney, Squids Revenge is a michelada — basically, a Mexican Bloody Mary made with beer —  garnished with charred octopus and cucumber.

Squids Revenge Drink Disney World

Credit: Disney

50th Celebration Hot Dog

Also at Magic Kingdom Park, the 50th Celebration Hot Dog can be found at the popular dining spot Casey’s Corner. A hot dog may seem generic enough, but this one is topped with strawberry bacon jam, funnel cake pieces, and powdered sugar. This is a dish that may be popular amongst those who have been to Disneyland and enjoy the Resort’s signature Monte Cristo sandwich.

50th Celebration Hot Dog

Credit: Disney

Spoon For One More

Now, this dish is traditional clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl, but what makes this different is that the bread bowl is black. Disney has used black food coloring to make dye the dough creepy dark shade, perfect for its Haunted Mansion theming. The Spoon For One More can be found at Columbia Harbour House in Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square.

Spoon For One More Disney World 50

Credit: Rancoreats Instagram

Chicken Dinner Cupcake Trio

What could make this dessert a little weird to some Guests is that these dessert cupcakes are designed to look like savory parts of a fried chicken dinner. There will be three cupcakes and one will look like fried chicken made with an apple fritter, the second will look like peas and carrots that is made with Starburst candy and M&Ms, and the third will be a mock mashed potatoes cupcake, which will be made with a Snickers mousse. This cupcake trio can be found at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground.

Dessert Trio Cupcake

Credit: Disney

Mr. Toad Dome Cake

Okay, now we will admit, on the surface, this cake does not sound all that bad. Unfortunately, it went viral for just how bad one Guest thought it was — saying that it tasted like meat, even though it was meant to be a sweet dish made of a peanut cake with chocolate-peanut butter mousse and salted caramel. We will leave it up to you as to whether or not you want to give this dish a whirl.

Mr Toad Dome Cake

Credit: LilDisFan Twitter

Disney has created over 100 new food and drink options for Guests to taste during this 18-month long celebration. So, luckily, if the above dishes seem a little bit too crazy for you to dive into, there are dozens of other delicious offerings that will be sure to satisfy any type of craving you may have!

Do any of these dishes sounds super odd to you? Are you planning on trying any of them?

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