Review: Casey’s Corner: Magic Kingdom

Located conveniently on a corner of Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom, Casey’s Corner is a baseball-themed counter service restaurant featuring some seriously gourmet hot dogs. Casey’s opens at 11am and features a menu of three types of gourmet hot dogs, a plain hot dog, corn dog nuggets and nachos. All hot dogs are served with fries or apple slices.

For most of us, it is more about “Eat some food while we hold a great seat for the parade” than anything else.  Seat for the parade, check.  Great food and service, did I mention you can get a great seat for the parade?

Casey’s is a hot dog joint, and it’s hard to do hot dogs wrong, but be prepared for a busy, busy place. It took me three visits to Casey’s to actually order anything. My first visit was an hour before park closing and the condiment bar was closed so I didn’t order. My second visit was on a weekend during the late afternoon hours and the line to order was out the door and around the corner, so again we waited.  The third time was the charm! Joined by my two teenaged daughters and my preschool-aged son I arrived at 10:50am, 10 minutes before Casey’s opened.

The first thing you notice about Casey’s is the lack of seating. If you want an air-conditioned break while you eat you will need to rely on luck and table stalking techniques. There are only four indoor tables at Casey’s, each accommodating four people. There are two sets of wooden bleachers that face a small movie screen that can accommodate another 20 or so. Outdoor seating is readily available but fills quickly during peak hours.

I approached the counter to order at exactly 11:01 A.M. and there was already a line! I counted six lanes for ordering but only three were open during my visit. I waited twelve minutes from getting in line to placing my order with Jeff, who quickly filled the drinks and fries portion. I was passed off to Jitan, who was busy arguing with the computerized ordering system.  Once Jitan figured out the computer issues he quickly processed my credit card.  I took the drinks and fries to my table and returned for my hot dogs to find a confused Jeff, who thought I left without my food.  Did I mention you can get food here while you hold your seat for the parade?

The second thing you notice at Casey’s is that the food is difficult to eat. I didn’t realize what these hot dogs involved until after I settled in and attempted to eat one. Each extra-long hot dog is absolutely covered in toppings, so much so that you can’t see the hot dog. These hot dogs are so large they’re served on sub rolls, certainly large enough to share. We had ordered one of each of the gourmet hot dogs and the corndog nuggets and quite a bit was left uneaten

The Chicago-style dog was my favorite, topped with dill pickles, tomatoes, banana peppers, tomato-cucumber relish and poppy seed. The relish was fantastic, cool, crisp and full of flavor.  The hot dog underneath was just so-so. I was disappointed that hot dog was not very hot, though I initially attributed this to the temperature of the toppings.

The Chili-Cheese dog is smothered in a standard canned chili sauce and topped a copious amount of cheddar cheese. The Barbeque Slaw Dog could actually pass for two meals in one, it’s a hot dog covered in pulled pork, barbeque sauce and coleslaw. Unfortunately, once we got through the toppings to the hot dog we discovered that they weren’t very hot either, just warm enough for me to feel comfortable eating.

I managed to eat most of the Chicago Dog and a few fries. My constantly-hungry teens were surprised that they had to stop eating at half of a dog and a handful of fries. My son happily ate all of his corndog nuggets and asked for more. The fries, by the way, were some of the best fries I’ve ever tasted.

If you’re on a budget Casey’s Corner is a good meal option. The specialty dogs cost $8.59 a piece but as they come with fries they easily feed two.  Dining at Casey’s Corner wasn’t a mind-blowing experience, but we didn’t expect it would be. Casey’s lived up to our expectations of a hot dog joint and is definitely somewhere we’ll return when we are looking an inexpensive meal option.


Food: Hot dogs are hot dogs, it’s all about portion size and toppings here.

Atmosphere: Busy, busy, busy!

Service: Typical of most Magic Kingdom counter-service restaurants, focused on speed rather than a quality dining experience.

Tips: Portions are enormous. The toppings bar may not be open if you visit late. There are no plates at Casey’s, ask for additional disposable trays to use instead. Outdoor seating offers a decent view of the parade if the park isn’t too crowded.

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