Heads Up! MagicBand Purchases Reportedly Double-Charging Guests

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It’s no secret that a Walt Disney World vacation involves spending money from start to finish.

First, there are the necessary purchases, such as a Disney park ticket, renting a room at a Disney resort hotel, the transportation to get to Orlando, Florida.

Then, even when you’ve gotten inside the Disney park of your choosing, there’s the necessary purchases such as a forgotten supply, like an over-the-counter pain killer, a snack to hold you over until your dining reservation, a Mickey Bar to beat the Florida heat, etc.

But everyone knows it’s the so-called ‘unnecessary’ purchases that are the most memorable!

Let’s Be Honest: Souvenirs ARE Necessary Purchases!

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Whether you’re visiting Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or EPCOT, the souvenirs are all a part of the Disney experience!

Trading pins, t-shirts, mugs, and don’t even get us started on the Mickey Mouse ears!

It may add up, especially with the added price that comes with the Disney name, but collecting a piece of your Disney vacation and being able to bring it home is nothing short of enchanting.

Of course, Walt Disney World Resort has no objections to guests spending money while visiting a theme park. If anything, Disney makes it as easy as possible to spend money inside a Disney park. Almost too easy, depending on who you ask.

Walt Disney World Has NO Qualms When It Comes to Guests Spending Money

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Disney’s no dummy; the Walt Disney Company knows that convenience is the name of the game, which is why the Disney World MagicBand is such an ingenious concept.

This wearable Disney ticket gives guests entry into the Disney parks, into their hotel rooms, and if you’re willing to shell out for the MagicBand Plus (stylistically, MagicBand+), you can even interact with certain areas in the parks.

They’re totally waterproof, so guests can wear them in the pool and on the water rides without having to worry about a thing! They’re also customizable, and as more designs are released, guests can express themselves with each MagicBand they purchase.

Not only that, but guests can even link a card to their Disney World MagicBand if they’re staying at a Disney resort hotel…how convenient, right?

Convenient For Who, Exactly..?


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Sarcasm aside, it is a convenient step to have. But for one guest, this was less like a dream and more like a nightmare as their MagicBand purchases seemed to double-charge them!

The guest remained anonymous as they reported their story online. They report that their Disney vacation lasted an entire week, and during that time, they’d received confirmation from their bank whenever a purchase had been made using their MagicBand. “Altogether, all the transaction added up to like $740 worth of purchases,” they write.

After they’d returned home, they reported that their bank alerted them to another charge of around $740. They reported that this second charge seemed to be “a lump sum for my charges throughout the week,” despite the fact that they’d already paid Disney for the charges throughout the week.

They also state that a majority of the charges made on their Disney vacation had already gone through with their bank, and were no longer pending or on hold.  Luckily, seasoned vets were quick to step in with their own experiences.

How Often Does This Happen?

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Other guests have pointed out that this has happened to them as well. But more importantly, they explained why this happens in the first place.

The general consensus is that purchases made with MagicBands don’t instantly charge the linked credit card. Instead, they’re added to the guest’s Disney resort hotel bill.

Upon checking into a Disney resort hotel, guests are charged with a $100 deposit; once more than that deposit is spent, guests may notice what looks like an additional charge. However, any purchases made will usually stay pending until guests check out, which is when a lump sum charge will be made.

What to Do If This Happens to You?

That being said, it’s not impossible for Disney to make a mistake on its part and double-charge guests. But if this happens, there’s typically no need to panic!

If you ever notice a billing mistake after visiting Walt Disney World, be sure to call customer service, who will set about solving the issue as soon as possible.

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