Disney World Cast Members Were Unable to Break Up This Physical Altercation

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Unfortunately, fights can even break out at the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Walt Disney World Resort prides itself on being a safe, family-friendly vacation destination. Despite the family-friendly atmosphere, tensions still manage to run high.

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Guests are more entitled than ever, with the rising costs of a visit to Walt Disney World Resort leading many visitors into thinking about their experience first and foremost.

As a result of all the rising tensions and a rise in selfish attitudes, Guests are getting into more fights than ever at Disney World. Even Magic Kingdom isn’t safe from the occasional fistfight!

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When these altercations break out, Cast Members and Disney Security are always able to work together to put a stop to the fighting. Lifetime bans are often handed out in these situations, and the altercations are stopped as swiftly as possible.

However…another physical altercation recently broke out in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom theme park, and Cast Members were unable to put a stop to it:


Gorilla Fight at Animal Kingdom in Disney World 🐸 gorilla #fight

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In this video, we can see multiple gorillas caught in a physical altercation. The Guests scream in concern as the animals battle it out, and the Cast Members stay put, for good reason!

Even for the animals living in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, tensions can run high, and they’ll fight it out if they have to. Although Walt Disney World takes every precaution to prevent fighting amongst the animals living in Animal Kingdom, sometimes these scraps can’t be avoided.


Credit: Disney

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The gorillas can be found along the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail in Animal Kingdom’s Africa section.

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