Animal Kingdom’s Most Popular Attraction Goes Down As Park Opens

avatar flight of passage
Credit: Disney

If you pull up a map of Animal Kingdom on Walt Disney World’s official app, it may look like the theme park doesn’t have as many attractions as Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or EPCOT. However, that’s simply not the case!

tree of life walt disney world's animal kingdom

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Many of the attractions in the Disney Park may not show up on My Disney Experience’s map because there’s no wait time. After all, much of the theme park’s entertainment is made up of real animals.

animal kingdom dinosaur attraction

Credit: Disney

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That being said, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is still full of some incredibly popular and thrilling attractions, such as DINOSAUR, Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain, and Avatar Flight of Passage, with the latter being the newest and most popular of the three.

However, upon the theme park’s opening this morning, Flight of Passage immediately faced technical difficulties, going down:

avatar flight of passage is temporarily closed

Credit: My Disney Experience

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According to the My Disney Experience app, Animal Kingdom’s Avatar Flight of Passage ride is temporarily closed.

That being said, this is an intricate attraction with a lot of moving parts. It’s not uncommon for an attraction as complex as this one to undergo some technical difficulties and face a temporary closure.

While we’re not entirely sure when this attraction will be back, we have faith that this closure won’t last very long.

pandora the world of avatar animal kingdom

Credit: Hansun Kim

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Guests can find Avatar Flight of Passage in the theme park’s Pandora – The World of Avatar section.

This otherworldly section of the theme park is packed to the brim with ethereal floating mountains and the alien flora and fauna of James Cameron’s Avatar franchise.

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