Amidst Fumble After Fumble, Disney+ Is FINALLY Making a Move In the Right Direction

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When you think of watching Disney movies, you probably think of Disney Plus (stylistically Disney+). After all, the Walt Disney Company’s streaming platform is home to every movie and TV show-nearly every piece of content with Disney’s name attached to it…

Well…almost everything…

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Fans Can Find Everything on Disney Plus! Well, Almost Everything…

Earlier this year, Disney Plus began its purge, removing more than 50 TV shows and movies from the platform. At the same time, the Walt Disney Company announced that prices for its streaming service would be rising as well.

It makes us think of the simpler times when we rewatched our favorite Disney movies on VHSes and DVDs.

Remember what it was like? The frustration that came with popping a VHS into the tape player only to see that it hadn’t been rewinded, carefully handling DVDs so as not to scratch them, and storing the physical copies on bookshelves in the living room. Those were the days!

If it seems like a bygone era, that’s because it kind of is!

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At the Risk of Sounding Old, We Miss the Good Old Days…

Slowly but surely, our culture has shifted, moving away from physical copies and onto digital copies instead. From music to movies, nowadays, we stream everything from a single device instead of having to collect bulky plastic cases.

But owning something digitally is more like renting it. Personally, DVDs beat streaming any day! Collecting beloved TV shows and movies is better than streaming in almost every way. Although DVDs may take up more physical space, they make up for it with many pros.

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Owning a Physical Copy Is Better In Almost EVERY Way!

For one, purchasing a physical copy is more cost-effective. Instead of paying a recurring fee, you simply pay one price at one time.

Not only that, but purchasing a physical copy means that you actually own what you’ve purchased, and it won’t be taken away when the Walt Disney Company decides to purge its streaming service. You won’t be simply renting the content, it’ll be yours to keep and watch whenever you want!

You’ll never have to rely on Wifi, buffering, or quality dropping when you watch your favorite Disney movie on a DVD. But if you watch something on Disney Plus or Hulu, you risk all of these inconveniences, despite paying for the privilege of the content.

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That’s Why Disney’s Latest Decision Is Finally a Move In the Correct Direction!

Yes, collecting physical copies has become a dying art. But that doesn’t mean it needs to go extinct, and Disney Plus’s latest move has just made it easier for everyone to preserve this very practice: releasing its most popular Disney Plus originals onto DVD.

By putting its original content onto DVDs, Disney Plus gives fans a chance to purchase their favorite shows, such as WandaVision (2021), The Mandalorian (2019-present), and Loki (2021-present).

Now, fans can watch and rewatch their favorite Disney Plus shows without having to worry about the Wifi cutting out or, goodness forbid, Disney pulling the show from the streaming service.

It’s a total move in the correct direction, not just for Disney fans, but for entertainment as a whole. If other studios see a powerhouse like Disney pushing DVD releases, they may begin doing the same. It’s so smart, it almost makes up for Disney+ raising prices while adding advertisements! Heavy emphasis on the ‘almost.’

Soon enough, DVDs could return, and consumers could actually own their purchases once again.

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