Could We Be Getting a Wakanda-World? Disney Chairman Teases Possible ‘Black Panther’ Park Expansion

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Could it be?!

In 2018, the world witnessed the groundbreaking release of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, a film that shattered box office records while simultaneously challenging traditional narratives and elevating representation in cinema. Helmed by director Ryan Coogler, the film introduced the iconic character, T’Challa, to mainstream audiences and became a symbol of hope and empowerment for countless individuals.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

‘Black Panther’ Becomes International Sensation

When the Black Panther movie was released, the fictional superhero became an even bigger sensation than it originally was. Chadwick Boseman’s portrayal of T’Challa, the African king and “Black Panther,” resonated deeply with audiences worldwide. Boseman’s embodiment of the character’s strength, intellect, and compassion captivated viewers and made the film a blockbuster hit.

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther was a stunning visual feast, enveloping audiences in the vibrant and culturally rich world of Wakanda. The film explored themes of identity, heritage, and the responsibilities that come with power. The stellar ensemble cast, which included Angela Bassett, Michael B. Jordan, Danai Gurira, and Lupita Nyong’o, brought life to the multifaceted characters of this incredible world. A second film, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, added more context to this magnificent world.

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Demand for ‘Black Panther’ in the Disney Parks Becomes Clear

After the film earned critical acclaim as well as a massive fanbase, the demand began to arise for the Black Panther characters to come to Disney Parks. While certain characters have been known to frequent Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure Park, no attractions or shows have been added for the characters specifically from this world.

To be honest, it doesn’t seem likely that a simple ride or restaurant would be enough to encapsulate the true impact of this story either. Black Panther and dreaming bigger and better things for the franchise, perhaps even an entire land based on Wakanda.

A Wakanda-themed land would be absolutely incredible. Not only would the incredible scenery and world-building appeal to a large demographic of fans, but it would also be another way for Disney to appeal to their more mature fans. With the success of both Avengers Campus and the Galaxy’s Edge areas, a Wakanda Land does not feel too far-fetched.

Josh D’Amaro Teases That Wakanda Is Coming to Disneyland

The craziest part of this all is that the Disney Parks chairman, Josh D’Amaro, even suggested this idea himself just yesterday. During Disney’s investor summit yesterday in Orlando, Florida, D’Amaro mentioned Frozen, Coco, and Black Panther potentially having a place at Disneyland Resort.

While nothing official has been announced, this is undeniably good news for Black Panther fans. Disney is not always the best at sticking to their announcements, but putting such an idea in the heads of investors is always a step in the right direction for fans.

Would you like to see a Wakanda-themed land or attraction?

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