The Very Last of Universal’s Classic Attractions Goes Down

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Like Disney fans, Universal fans grow attached to classic attractions, even if they’re no longer in their prime.

However, Universal has adopted an entirely different approach regarding retired attractions, keeping them alive even years after they’ve closed for good.

Universal Vs. Disney: Who Handles Closed Rides Better?

Universal Orlando Resort

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Whether it comes to Walt Disney World Resort or Universal Orlando Resort, one thing remains the same: when a beloved attraction closes forever, it’s a huge deal for fans.

However, one of the most significant differences between Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort is the way each company capitalizes on the loss of an attraction.

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For the most part, Disney chooses to move onward, celebrating the progress and the new addition of the replacement attraction.

Universal, however, continues to celebrate a shuttered attraction, capitalizing on fans’ nostalgia and affection for the ride. It’s not uncommon to see Universal Park merchandise celebrating an attraction that’s been closed for years.

Even If the Attraction Is Shuttered, Fans Can Still Celebrate Its Presence at Universal

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Some of Univeral Orlando Resort’s most classic attractions, such as Jaws, Kongfrontation, and Back to the Future – The Ride, are still celebrated in Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Guests can often buy souvenirs promoting these experiences despite no longer having a theme park presence  (outside of merchandise).

Fans often look to Universal Orlando Resort’s remaining classic attractions, wondering which ones will join the ranks of Universal’s Retired Attractions & Closed Rides next.

Unfortunately, it seems that one of Universal Studios Florida’s oldest attractions has drawn negative attention to itself recently, and fans are growing concerned…

ET Down
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E.T. Adventure Ride is one of Universal Studios Orlando’s most classic attractions. Opening in 1990, this ride is over 30 years old, and the target audience has inexplicably changed in that time.

Children no longer find E.T. charming or even cute. For the most part, children typically find the alien frightening despite his friendly and earnest personality.

The culture shift combined with the attraction’s recent deterioration has turned the once-popular experience into another one of Universal Studios’ outdated rides.

et adventure ride

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According to one of the comments in the social media thread, E.T. Adventure Ride recently broke down three days in a row.

As the dark ride begins experiencing frequent breakdowns and technical difficulties, fans wonder with dawning horror if this attraction is up next on Universal’s chopping block.

Considering the recent changes in that side of Universal Studios Park, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear of E.T. Adventure Ride’s upcoming demise…

We want to hear from our readers! How do you feel about Universal’s E.T. Adventure Ride? Let Disney Dining know in the comments below.

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  1. Soooooo… non-story.

  2. Universal just cleaned up this whole attraction I thought. They brought back the ET ride smell, the name cards, and fixed the lighting inside the ride. It was looking great out last couple of visits. I think a ride being shut down 3 days in a row could have plenty of explanations. My 1st though is yes, its an older ride so it could be that maybe the parts needed for the repair had to be ordered. Maintenance could have substituted a used part or made repair to the broken part until the new parts had been shipped. If that was the case, the repairs or refurbished parts could have failed while waiting for the shipment.

    • I love the E.T. Ride and ride it when ever I’m there.

      • We rode this when my daughter, whose now in her 30s was little. When we got off and ET tells everyone thank you traumatized her to this day that ET knew her name.

  3. LOVE ET! There’s just something about this ride, flying above everything, the dark forest queue, the smells! Hope it’s not broke for good. Besides, I think Steven Spielberg but into the contract with Universal that they can never get rid of it.

  4. E T. ride has so much nostalgia, it is still an awesome ride and the last original ride in universal.Removing this ride would be awful, my son who is now 18 still loves it and it is his favorite just for the nostalgia, he will ride it numerous times every time we visit.

  5. no matter what new awsome rides they’ll come up with the E.T ride will always be mine and my kids last ride of the visit because it more than just a ride. It’s the bow that wraps and hold all the amazing memorys, a true gift. The E.T ride must live on.

  6. ET Is not closing down. Spielberg made it a point to universal that of they closed another one of his rides hed pull completely out of universal. So instead of closing ET they recently cleaned it up.. Because THEY WERE going to shut it down a couple of years ago
    If it’s experiencing problems its normal bc it needs a full update but they already spent money updating everything around the ride, they wouldnt have done that if they were planning on closing as well.

  7. Tiffany Mattingly

    ET is my home when i visit the part i always have to ride ET even if it does have its problems with the stuff breaks down. It’s a very old ride of course it’s going to break down but I don’t see them letting that ride go like that it don’t matter about the old ET smell to me it’s just going to the park and just going on the ride makes my day it’s still cute and enjoyable. I’ve been going on ET for 20 plus years it’s still one of my most favorite ride there even though my other favorite rides are long gone

  8. I love ET! I think if the ride was up dated and put a different spin on it for the newer generation we could save this ride. Some of the old and some of the new. This would benefit riders that have grew up with the ride and ones that have not.