This Might Be the Weirdest Disney Merchandise EVER!

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This is definitely dropping some jaws… literally!

The Walt Disney Company is known for constantly producing exciting, cutting-edge merchandise for its fans. Buying merchandise is one of the many things that keeps fans engaged and interested in Disney. Fans love to collect lots of different shirts, ears, pins, toys, and other items that reflect and resemble their favorite Disney Characters and movies.

Usually, Disney produces merchandise that is trendy and high-quality. The promise of Disney merchandise looking and feeling good is one of the reasons that Guests feel comfortable spending a pretty penny on it. However, this new Disney merchandise item has fans confused as to why Disney thought it was necessary.

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Who Approved This?

Just when you think you have seen it all, Disney pulls something new out of thin air. This year, we have seen no lack of unique  Disney merchandise. Fans have been surprised by things like the new Disney 100 car from Hyundai, which is an incredible new but unusual project for Disney.

Now, Disney has surprised fans will some all-new merchandise that is unlike anything Guests could ever expect. Fans can now take the Disney experience with them wherever they go by purchasing Disney’s new collaboration with WildSmiles Braces. 

2022 Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween merchandise

Credit: Disney

Disney Themed Orthodontistry

Disney and WildSmiles Braces have come out with a brand-new line of Disney-inspired braces and elastics for fans to purchase. According to WildSmiles braces;

“Disney has been helping the world smile for generations. WildSmiles Braces brings patients into the Wonderful World of Disney while creating your magical new smile.”

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Credit: Disney and WildSmilesBraces.com

Starting now, Guests can purchase Mickey Mouse-shaped brackets and Disney elastics themed after movies like Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, and Frozen. While this is definitely a more unique and unusual kind of merchandise, it is also easy to imagine lots of younger fans who would be very interested in something like this. If Disney braces seem like your thing, head over to wildsmilesbraces.com to find a compatible orthodontist near you!

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