Disney’s Newest Merchandise Drop Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

Disney 100 50s merch
Credit: Disney

Disney has just announced its newest drop of merchandise, and the reception is mixed, to say the least. 

This year, the Walt Disney Company is hosting its Disney100 ceremony. The Walt Disney Company has been a staple in entertainment for the past 100 years, and the Disney100 celebration is the perfect time to reflect on all the magic that Walt Disney has brought to the world. One of the many ways Disney celebrates this occasion is with new merchandise celebrating each of Disney’s iconic eras.

We have already received drops themed from the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s. Now, Disney had given fans a first look at the 1950s-themed merchandise.

Disney100 Onscreen logo Cinderella castle


1950s Merchandise Receives Mixed Opinions

The 1950s was a decade that marked a turning point in the Walt Disney Studio. The success of films like Cinderella (1950) and Peter Pan (1953) recruited a new generation of young fans. The era is also marked by the expansion of Disneyland Park in California, which opened in 1955, and the introduction of new Disney characters like Tinker Bell and the Fairy Godmother, who captured the hearts of fans around the world.


Credit: Disney

To many fans, the 1950s was one of the most significant decades in Disney’s history. This made the anticipation for this merch drop very big.

Many Familiar Faces Missing From 50s Merchandise

This round of merchandise is very limited. The star of the show is, undoubtedly, the gorgeous Princess Cinderella lounge fly backpack. This accessory is truly a work of art. It’s the other pieces of the collections that are not as mind-blowing for fans.

Disney 100 50s backpack

Credit: Disney

Another piece of the collection is the Goofy and Humphrey Bear Pin, which recreates a moment from the Goofy cartoon short, “Hold That Pose.” The last piece is a plush stuffed animal of The Shaggy Dog, the character from Disney’s first-ever live-action-comedy film, The Shaggy Dog. 

Disney 50s merch

Credit: Disney

While these merchandise items are cool, many fans can’t help but feel that some very significant characters and moments from this decade were skipped over.

Hopefully, more representation will be seen when the full collection is revealed on May 15. This decade has so many iconic characters and movies, and we can all hope that Disney manages to include them all.

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