Is This ‘Ghostbusters’ Themed Wedding Haunting – Yea or Nay?

ghostbusters wedding bride and groom nyc jason ashley tiktok
Credit: New York Mickey, TikTok

I, like any other fun-loving person out there, am always glad to take part in a good theme party. I think people who throw themed weddings are so bold, and I love their unique and confident style. That being said, confidence alone isn’t enough for a party theme to be successful. So, I’d like your opinion on this detailed, Ghostbusters (1984) themed wedding that took place in New York City over the weekend.

original ghost busters bill murray 1984 jumpsuits ectomobile

Credit: Sony Pictures

Not just New York City, but the Ghostbusters Headquarters, of course! The real and still functioning NYC firehouse’s exterior was used as the Ghostbuster’s headquarters in the cult classic film. It draws tons of tourists who want to see it in person. Not only did this couple make sure to book an authentic venue, but they chose to get married on June 8 – AKA National Ghostbusters Day! The movie debuted on June 8, 1984.

So…wow. I’m already impressed with this couple’s dedication, attention to detail, and shared love of such a specific movie. But the intensity doesn’t stop there. Not only are their guests totally into it, but their costumes and props are on point. That’s right, I said props. Many of them are sporting proton packs on their backs and something called a Neutrona Wand…to suck the ghosts in with.

ghostbusters wedding bride and groom nyc jason ashley tiktok

Credit: New York Mickey, TikTok

The Groom walks down with perhaps the biggest proton pack and a very macho wand gun, in full Ghostbuster uniform. The crowd cheers at his entrance and he makes his way to the Ghostbuster officiant, also in fully themed attire. I’m not sure why but there’s a Santa Ghostbuster making a joke about the Ghost of Christmas Past. Then it’s time for the Bride!

I half thought she’d be wearing a white Ghostbuster jumpsuit, but that would ruin the authenticity. Flowers in hand and space buns on her head she walks down the aisle…to none other than the Ghostbusters theme song. Brilliant use of the soundtrack. Their spirits are officially united outside the fire house and the crowd cheers. The video ends with the couple posing in front of the white Ectomobile. He adorably switches the surname on her uniform to reflect their new married status.

See it all here and tell me what you think! Can you notice the details I didn’t even mention?


Ghostbusters Wedding on Ghostbusters Day at the Ghostbusters HQ 👻 #ghostbusters #ghostbustershq #nyc #wedding

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Congratulations Jason and Ashley, “From here into the afterlife!”

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