Disney Parks Attractions Inspire New TRON Release

Disney Games’ latest release, TRON: Identity, allows “users” to discover an all-new Grid, untouched for millennia, but which elements of the original TRON franchise and the Disney Parks inspired this unique noir-style mystery game? Senior Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility Steven Miller sat down with the game developers to find out.

 Tron: Identity game

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When TRON premiered in 1982, the now cult classic film explored the digital world inside computers through the perspective of protagonist Kevin Flynn, who would go on to create a computerized utopia in its sequel, TRON: Legacy (2010). Moreover, the franchise would expand to include retro coin-operated gaming units within arcades, as well as other playable stories such as TRON 2.0 and TRON RUN/r.

Soon, Disney will introduce an innovative storyline to this line-up next month, TRON: Identity, developed through a partnership with Bithell Games. Compatible with both Nintendo Switch and PC systems, the game will follow Query, a detective program, through an adventurous mystery plot through an alternate version of Flynn’s Grid, left to evolve over time without its creator or any “User” intervention at all.

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Furthermore, as Query, players investigate the theft of an item within the Repository that is vital for the survival of the Grid, encountering puzzles such as corrupted Identity Discs inspired by the character Quorra and elements of Walt Disney World’s TRON Lightcycle / Run attraction. In fact, the game’s Creative Director, Mike Bithell, told Miller that his “profound” experience on the “exhilarating” rollercoaster directly impacted his ideas about how to be immersed in the TRON world.

Moreover, game producer Heidy Vargas shared that fans will see new elements, such as trees and falling rain, simulated in this version of the Grid, which is unique to TRON: Identity. Interestingly, developers learned how to properly recreate it after riding Disneyland’s The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and observing how Imagineeres achieved this visual effect.

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In addition, TRON: Identity will offer a variety of dialogue choices and actions that impact the overall gameplay, leading to different scenes or even multiple endings. Of course, Miller observed this was like the Disney Parks experience, which always offers something new each time, particularly drawing a parallel to the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser.

Users can try the new game for themselves when it launches worldwide on April 11, 2023!


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