‘TRON’ Director Shares His Favorite Part of Lightcycle / Run Attraction

tron director steven lisberger holding a disc in a suit beside the tron lightcycle run entrance

The director of the original 1982 TRON film has shared his favorite part of the all-new TRON Lightcycle / Run rollercoaster opening next month at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Steven Lisberger both wrote and directed the ’80s science fiction film more than 40 years ago, which tells the story of Kevin Flynn, a game developer who hacks into a digital universe in order to find evidence of his company’s deception. After quickly becoming something of a cult classic with fans, Disney produced a 2010 sequel, TRON: Legacy, following his son in a digitized gaming playground known as The Grid, where “users” on Team Blue compete against antagonists from the interface’s Team Orange in simulated combat via games such as Lightcycle racing.

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Moreover, Disney invested in the animated series TRON: Uprising (2012), as well as the promotional ElecTRONica event at Disney California Adventure Park at the Disneyland Resort and TRON Lightcycle Power Run at Shanghai Disneyland. Now, Disney will open a second “gateway” to The Grid at Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom on April 4, inviting Disney Park Guests to “speed across a world with no horizons in a high-stakes race” on one of the fastest Disney Parks coasters.

Plus, the Walt Disney Company has announced plans for a third TRON film soon, making this the perfect time for Lisberger to revive his creative juices with a ride on the new attraction! In fact, at Walt Disney World’s All The Disney Thrills event, the director told ComicBook.com that he felt the ride was “very beautiful” and “unbelievably thrilling,” something that only Walt Disney Imagineering could make.

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Even so, what was his favorite part? The director remarked on the “incredible visuals” in the ride’s entry queue, making Guests feel immersed in the story like “you’re slowly entering The Grid,” which features a fun promo from Enterprise, who sponsored the ride.

As reported by Comicbook.com, he thinks fans should not worry about the ride being thrilling enough because no Guest will have those worries after they ride! Plus, he sees his film getting its own Disney attraction as an unimaginable high point.


Credit: Disney

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In addition, he spoke about the legacy of the TRON franchise and why the sequel film featuring Daft Punk might have initially fallen out of focus before becoming culturally relevant again in the last few years:

I think one of the reasons it’s endured the way it has is because the underlying story came true. And Flynn’s story, his idealism, and how he struggled to make his dreams happen and how they went wrong is a good metaphor of how we’re still struggling to make the best of our digital invention and cyberspace. So I think it’s more relevant than it ever was. And that’s amazing to think, that we did this movie in 1982, and now it’s more relevant than ever.

TRON Lightcycle / Run opens on April 4, 2023, at the Walt Disney World Resort. END OF LINE.



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