Disney Told To “Try Harder” When Guest Notices Sloppy Details

Mission Breakout
Credit: Disney

When it comes to Disney, the devil has always truly been in the details. Walking through the Parks and looking at all of the intricate designs is part of the fun. Meaningful names can be found on the windows of Main Street, U.S.A., hidden Mickey’s are discovered at almost every turn, and small details — like the Evil Queen opening the window above Snow White’s Enchanted Wish in Disneyland — truly bring the Parks to life. Disney has always been known for not overlooking even the smallest parts of their designs.

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However, one Guest recently saw something that made a lot of people think that might be changing.

Twitter user Matt (@ST1402toEndor) was in line for Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout! at Disney California Adventure Park when he saw something that he thought was unusual. Not long ago, Disneyland Resort introduced the new FastPass system, Disney Genie+. FastPass lanes are now called Lightning Lanes, so the FastPass signage around the Parks has been changed. While the signs are supposed to blend right into the rides, the Guardians of the Galaxy Lightning Lane sign seemed to stick out like a sore thumb.

Disneyland Genie Lightning Lane

Credit: Disney

Matt took pictures of both the Lightning Lane sign and the Standby Queue sign that had been there. The Lightning Lane sign is clearly a different color, and Matt was unimpressed with Disney’s lack of paying attention to the details.

One of these things is not like the other…what the hell Disney. Try harder

Many replied to Matt’s tweet saying that they sadly weren’t surprised by what they felt was sloppy work. Johnny (@GrandCalStan) replied that Mission: Breakout! was not the only ride sign to be hastily put together. He had noticed others throughout the Park.

Oh don’t even get me started with the midway mania sign. They slapped a decal over it that says “Lightning Lane”, and under it you can clearly still see where the sign says “FastPass Entrance”

Steevinlove thinks that Disney has gone so downhill that they are beginning to look like a carnival.

It really feels like they are actually trying for that “held together by rubber bands traveling side show carnival” look.

While many agreed with Matt, others — like Kylo (@Kettlebellstren) — thought that he shouldn’t be so nit-picky and just enjoy his time at The Happiest Place on Earth.

And most people wouldn’t care, except hard core fans. You need to try to enjoy things instead of picking things apart

As of late, some of Disney’s most loyal fans have not been happy with decisions the people at the top — mainly Bob Chapek — have been making. Guests have been claiming that portions are getting smaller, the Parks are being neglected, and Disney is pricing a large number of people out as theme park prices continue to skyrocket. These price hikes and portion cuts come as Disney reported that they have been earning record profits.

Do you think Disney is starting to ignore the details?

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