I Have To Admit This Harry Potter Gender Reveal Is Pretty Magical

laraiby_ tiktok harry potter gender reveal
Credit: Laraib, TikTok

Gender reveals have come under a ton of fire in recent years. Maybe because some gender reveals have started literal wildfires. And because the social and political discussion of gender has become very sensitive. The good news is, even if you hate gender reveals, you’ll still find this one by @Laraiby_ on TikTok pretty darn impressive.

This gender reveal had a Harry Potter theme and the happy couple hosted an entire magical reveal party around the wizarding world book series. Check out this first video she posted where everyone at the party goes around and documents what gender they think the baby is.


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♬ Harry Potter – The Intermezzo Orchestra

You’ll note that Mom-to-be is house Gryffindor and Dad’s Slytherin. Some people just offer words, but the crowd seems evenly split with the last kid totally lost as to what is going on. Can we get a round of applause for the family’s commitment to costume? They are so on point and willing to be silly. We see scars on foreheads, authentic-looking sweater vests, one guy is drowning in a gigantic Hagrid-style wig, and of course there are cloaks and wands.

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harry potter gender reveal party costumes scare tie wig hagrid gryffindor

Laraib, TikTok

A stranger in the comments thinks “it’s DOBBY” to which Laraib confirms that will be the baby’s first Halloween costume either way. I could talk for hours about how cute and supportive her crew is, but now it’s time to get to the reveal!

The couple really sets the scene. There’s a black backdrop with braided balloons hanging overhead. The black table holds stacked old-looking suitcases, glowing candles, what I think is a plush owl, and the all-important gender-revealing cauldron!


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♬ Harry Potter – The Intermezzo Orchestra

Like they’re brewing a potion and casting a spell, the soon-to-be parents wait for the big reveal. Suddenly pink smoke billows from the cauldron and the party guests cheer. It’s a baby girl! Or should I say, witch? What a cool idea for Laraib and any other huge Harry Potter fan.

Let me just say that I would watch a similarly staged reveal of what Hogwarts house the baby will be in.

Arguably more important.

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