Disney Park Characters Upend Couple’s Gender Reveal

Lady Tremaine and the Step-Sisters cause trouble for more than just Cinderella.
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Gender reveal events can be the worst. You have people accidentally starting wildfires, wrestling alligators, and injuring party guests will ill-aimed air cannons. Whether you’re into the pink-and-blue-themed gender festivities or think they’ve gone too far, this couple’s Disney Park-inspired gender reveal will restore your faith in humanity and magic moments.

On TikTok over the weekend, @thatchristiangeek posted a video of him and his wife meeting Anastasia and Drizella, AKA Cinderella’s “ugly step-sisters,” in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. In the two-and-a-half-minute video, already viewed over 11,700 times, our mom-to-be is rocking a minimalist Winnie the Pooh Disneybound with a classic red tee, mustard yellow athletic shorts, and a headband to add some rounded ears.

Their plan involved asking characters to guess what their baby’s gender would be. Anastasia and Drizella are up for the challenge and thrilled that not even the couple knows the gender yet.

The tables turn when Mom mentions the official gender reveal is happening with one of the princesses, immediately offending the sisters. After saying it is unfair, Anastasia deadpans into the distance as the video captions her thoughts, “Passed up for a princess again.”

Cinderella's Step-Sisters laugh in the animated movie.

Credit: Disney

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Drizella then offers parenting tips about getting children to clean the house. Anastasia demonstrates what it might look like to attach sponges to their hands. Once the sisters get back on topic, they agree that the gender of the baby will be a girl.

And now, the plot twist.

Even though the couple initially planned to do the gender reveal with an official Disney Princess, they return to Cinderella’s step-sisters and choose to have them deliver the big news! Squawking and maniacal laughter ensue.

Anastasia and Drizella have already nailed the interaction. This is where the most creative and cutest planning detail comes in. Eyes closed, the couple stands holding hands while Drizella fumbles with the gender-enclosed envelope, and Anastasia screams, “OPEN IT!”

The best part: Drizella holds a Mickey Mouse doll to place into the mom’s hand for a boy, and Anastasia has a Minnie Mouse doll if it’s a girl! Right? So cute!

After reading the card, Anastasia puts the Minnie doll into action because it’s a GIRL! Check it out below:


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The couple is surprised and happy. Anastasia and Drizella are literally leaping for joy. Both ladies guessed correctly! Anastasia proudly (and loudly) announces the news to the rest of Fantasyland.

While sharing this moment with a classic Disney Princess would’ve been lovely, commenters agreed that Anastasia and Drizella delivered a memorable and magical experience because of their energy and personalities.

Viewers love watching the in-the-moment reveal, but father-to-be @thechristiangeek also posted a curated Star Wars announcement intercut with Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge scenes. He proudly brandishes a pink-bladed lightsaber.


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Disney World gender reveals are totally in! And as far as a pregnancy announcement goes, presumably way safer. Check out all the characters you could reveal your baby’s gender with here!

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