Things to Do at Disney When You’re Dead

man with illusion of a ghost
Credit: Walt Disney Archives

By now, many of us have heard stories of people who have tried (successfully or not) to have remains released at Walt Disney World Resort upon their passing.

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One popular destination has been the Haunted Mansion. However, it seems just as likely individuals could be spreading the ashes of loved ones in any attraction or even the ponds around Cinderella Castle.

Rainbow over Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle

Credit: Disney

But what happens next? What if you were cremated and had your ashes deposited within the Magic Kingdom? Would your spirit remain there for all eternity? If you stepped out of the front gates of the Disney Park, would you fall into a desert and be confronted with a giant sandworm?

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Credit: Disney

And what do you do with eternity as a ghost inside the Magic Kingdom Park other than just stroll down Main Street, U.S.A? Let’s talk about it.

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Enjoy Having No Body

Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts

Credit: Disney

This may sound odd at first. But imagine a day at Walt Disney World Resort without foot pain, sunburn, sweat, or blisters from shoes. It sounds quite heavenly, doesn’t it?

Skip the Lines

Magic Kingdom Entrance with Crowd

Credit: Disney Dining

Waiting in lines is possibly the worst part of visiting a Walt Disney World theme Park. But it’s not a concern if you can simply float through walls, people, Cast Members, etc. I’m not sure exactly how the physics of specters will work on rides like Space Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but who cares?

Explore Unusual Areas

Cinderella Castle Suite

Credit: Disney

There are many areas off-limits to mortal Guests visiting the Magic Kingdom (and other Disney Parks). But if no one can see you, no one can stop you. So if you ever wanted to go on stage at the Carousel of Progress, spend a night at the Cinderella Castle Dream Suite, or see what REALLY goes on backstage with Cast Members, now is your chance!

Search for Walt Disney

walt disney relaxing

Credit: Disney Archives

There are many urban legends about Magic Kingdom. Imagine if you could explore them! You could look for the secret chamber allegedly holding Walt’s body, confirm whether or not the dolls at “it’s a small world” move at night by themselves, or examine whether Pirates of the Caribbean is really haunted. Of course, you may never have a chance to share your findings with others, but at least you’ll know.

Possess an Audio-Animatronic

Big Al at Country Bear Jamboree at Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney

This one may take a little more work. I cannot confirm how easy or difficult it is to possess a living thing – or even a static item. The details were never really explained in The Exorcist (1973) or The Conjuring (2013). However, if you manage to figure out the trick, imagine the fun, mischief, and mayhem you could get into! An out-of-town family could be at the Hall of Presidents, and one of the former leaders begins to spin their heads a full 360 degrees and recite an old-time lullaby.

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Or maybe an international tourist could be just going for a nice Magic Kingdom ride on Peter Pan’s Flight when the walls start to bleed, and Captain Hook turns to them and warns them of the apocalypse. The audio-animatronic options are almost endless–Enchanted Tiki birds, the Country Bears, and even ghosts in the Haunted Mansion (but people would already be expecting something like that).

Spread Pixie Dust

guests visiting walt disney world

Credit: Disney

Rather than try to scare people in the parks, you could also opt to do the opposite. Special surprises that Cast Members sometimes provide, you could do instead! A family having a bad day could someone stumble across a free magic band or trading pins. Or maybe you can cause a glitch in the Disney Genie+ or Lightning Lane system and brighten someone’s day. Or better yet – a glitch that gets them into the Disney Park for free or even a complimentary stay at a Disney Resort.

Hatbox Ghost at Haunted Mansion

Credit: Disney Parks

Final Thoughts and Resting Place

All in all, there are many fantastic things to do if you’re haunting Walt Disney World Resort (specifically the Magic Kingdom Park). So let’s not limit our thinking to being the 1,000th ghost at the Haunted Mansion. We can do better. You can do better.

disney world haunted mansion

Credit: Becky Burkett

Now all you have to do is iron out your final wishes and develop a plan to have your friends or family member sneak your ashes through security. But that’s a whole other post.

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