Swimmers Caught on Video in Lake at Disney Park

new disney park Swimmers Caught on Video in Lake at Disney Park
Credit: Disney

Some of my favorite features around Disney Parks include water. I love lakes, fountains, creeks, and so on. Water is extremely attractive. It’s why people spend thousands to travel to beaches, lakes, and other areas centered around bodies of water. Disney landscapes are scattered with water features. Seven Seas Lagoon, The Rivers of America, and Echo Lake are all water features you’ll find nestled away at Disney Resorts across the United States.

Harmonious Barge at EPCOT disney lake

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Although they are beautiful to look at and enjoy from afar, water at Disney isn’t always safe. Drowning and wildlife pose serious risks to Guests. In 1986 a wrongful death suit was filed against Disney World after four-year-old Joel Goode’s body was found after being separated from his parents while on property. Upon recovery, his death was eventually ruled an accidental drowning. In 2016, two-year-old Lane Graves was killed by an alligator outside the Grand Floridian Resort while on vacation with his family at Walt Disney World. Seemingly peaceful and tranquil, water features at Disney Parks can be deadly if not approached with respect.

For this reason, Disney takes safety very seriously around their waterways. Although in the past, Disney has had to learn from experience, today, they are more proactive in securing the safety of Guests who participate in recreational activities in or near water features on their Resorts. Partnering with local emergency services, Disney has the necessary plans in place to not only prevent bad things from happening but also to act if the worst-case scenario does present itself.

Echo Lake


In the name of preparedness, it isn’t uncommon for Guests to be privy to training exercises that occur throughout their multi-national properties. As Disney’s foremost concern is Guest safety, they are ready to deal with any dangerous situation that may arise, and Guests to Disneyland Paris got a firsthand look at how serious they are about rescuing and recovering those who may find themselves in danger at Disney.

The DLP Report on Twitter posted a video of what seemed to be swimmers in the lake at Disneyland Paris. Although at first glance, it may seem as if some rowdy Guests decided to take a dip to cool off, upon further investigation, you’ll find that it was the Disneyland Paris Fire and Rescue team conducting a training exercise. As we said, this type of preparedness isn’t uncommon at Disney Parks, and in an ever-changing world that presents new threats to Guest safety, it’s great to see Disney first responders taking action to be ready when disaster strikes.

disney lake Guest Falls to Their Death at Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney

It may seem a bit excessive to be out swimming around a Disney Park in preparation for a worst-case scenario, but as Guests seem to be fervently disrupting and ignoring rules, it’s a necessary precaution. Although not at serious risk of drowning, earlier in the year, Guests famously hopped in a few fountains at EPCOT, and as alcohol has become a premiere offering at many Disney Parks, deep water plus drunk Guests means anything could happen. It’s essential that Disney be ready in case of an emergency, and if recent times are indicative of anything, never put endangering behavior past Guests.

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