Scotch Tape Holds Together Moldy Disney World Sign

Mold Tape Monorail Sign
Credit: Biore Construct

Many of us may remember that, not too long ago, Disney Parks could easily be called some of the cleanest theme parks in the world. Walt always stressed that he wanted the Parks to look clean and beautiful and for years, Disney lived up to Walt’s original goal. Unfortunately, over the past few years, Guests have noticed a decline in the quality and cleanliness of Disney Parks. From peeling paint to broken animatronics and frequent ride breakdowns, it seems that Disney is on a downward slope.

And Guests were truly disgusted when they saw scotch tape holding up a moldy monorail sign at Walt Disney World Resort.

EPCOT Monorail with Spaceship Earth in Background

Credit: Disney

The popular Twitter account Biore Construct recently shared photos of a monorail sign at the Ticket and Transportation Center. The sign has a large crack in it, and it looks like the crack is being held together with Scotch tape. The monorail sign in question is above the ramp that allows Guests to ride the Walt Disney World monorail from the TTC to the Magic Kingdom.

Aging monorail sign at TTC Transportation and Ticket Center. Orange stripe has weathered edges, and it may be a heat stress crack in the surface.

What’s worse is how the sign looks at night. Other pictures shared by Biore Construct show the sign at night, and a large amount of mold and mildew can be seen behind the sign. Showing that it clearly hasn’t been taken care of in quite a while.

Mildew inside monorail signage. Seen only when the signs are lit at night. At TTC Transportation and Ticket Center.

For most of his short tenure, now-fired CEO Bob Chapek was frequently accused of letting things go downhill at the theme parks — from food quality to merchandise quality, ride quality, and more, all so the company could save money. This came at the same time that Disney Guests saw price increases on nearly everything from hotel costs, food costs, ticket costs, and merchandise costs. Most recently, multiple Guests have shown proof of mold infestations on some of Disney World’s most popular rides.

Its a Small World Mold Growth

Credit: u/RegularDiver8235

Now that former CEO Bob Iger has returned to The Walt Disney Company, many are hoping to see a drastic increase in the Disney quality they have longed for. Iger has said that he wants to bring Disney back to the way it once was, and filings have shown that the company does intend to spend more money on its theme parks.

Hopefully, Guests will soon see positive changes being made in the Parks and their Disney experience will only get better.

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