Shocking New Details, “Screaming Match” Led to ABC Star’s Firing

Rob Marciano in a snowstorm ABC News
Credit: ABC

On April 30, ABC News viewers were taken aback when they learned of the sudden firing of Good Morning America and World News Tonight meteorologist, Rob Marciano. Marciano had been a huge part of the network for more than a decade, reporting on hurricanes, snowstorms, tornadoes, and more. There was nowhere Marciano wouldn’t go, and he would often be seen in the middle of a downpour, or standing in the wreckage left behind.

A reporter from ABC News, Rob Marciano, stands in front of a heavily damaged home in Tangipahoa, Louisiana, reporting on severe storms and tornadoes in the area for Good Morning America

Credit: Good Morning America/ABC

While Marciano was popular with fans, things were allegedly very different for his co-anchors and those who worked behind the scenes. So, while fans may have been startled, his coworkers thought it was about time.

Last month, Page Six ran an exclusive report, revealing that Marciano had actually not been allowed inside the Good Morning America studio for over a year. The report said that Marciano had multiple complaints filed against him for the way he made coworkers feel uncomfortable. He was also known for his serious “anger management issues.”

Rob Marciano ABC

Credit: Good Morning America

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Now, we are learning about the “screaming match” that ultimately led to his termination.

Anonymous sources spoke to The Daily Beast and said that Rob Marciano recently had a blowup with a producer on Good Morning America. News of the fight got back to GMA chief meteorologist, Ginger Zee, who had her own past issues with Marciano. The sources then claimed that a fed-up Zee spoke to higher-ups at the network about the fight.

Two television hosts, a woman in a green dress and a man in a gray suit, smiling and interacting on the set of a morning show with audience in the background during Rob Marciano's segment.

Credit: ABC

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The “screaming match” was the final straw that broke the camel’s back, and ABC executives decided that Marciano’s time with the news network had to end.

Marciano’s firing comes as ABC News is dealing with a lot of upheaval. Disney is reportedly not happy with the job ABC News President Kim Goodwin is doing. They brought in Debra OConnell to oversee things at the network, and OConnell is allegedly shocked by how hands-off Goodwin is.

Rob Marciano Good Morning America

Credit: Good Morning America

OConnell has reportedly said that Goodwin’s unwillingness to get involved has allowed problems to fester at the once top-ranking news network. One of those problems is the constant complaints and hostile work environment created by Rob Marciano’s anger issues.

Neither Marciano nor ABC Studios has commented on his firing. We do not know who will be replacing him on Good Morning America or World News Tonight.

Do you think ABC should have let things get so bad before they fired Rob Marciano? Let us know in the comments!

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