Passport Ban Finally Ends at Disney World

Fan Renames EPCOT Sells Shirts
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The COVID-19 pandemic brought many changes and challenges to the theme park and tourism industry. Some of these included mask mandates, park reservations, and other rules to minimize person-to-person contact. It seems one of the casualties of the pandemic is finally coming to an end at Walt Disney World Resort.

France Pavilion

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Pre-COVID Passport

The World Showcase Passport Pack is returning after about a three-year absence. The original pre-covid passport books required individuals to stamp the books as they went from pavilion to pavilion within the EPCOT theme Park. Although similar complementary passports have shown up over the years for specific festivals, the traditional EPCOT passport hadn’t returned, essentially being ‘banned’ by Walt Disney World. Until now.

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The Return of the World Showcase Passport

EPCOT Morocco Pavilion

Credit: Disney

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The new World Showcase Passport Pack contains a passport book, a Mickey Mouse button, and 77 stickers that feature country flags and characters. Designed to replicate an actual United States passport, it has a cover with a similar look and feel and a spot for cultural representatives from all 11 nations to ‘validate’ it with a stamp.

The passbook also includes full pages for notes so you can record your favorite memories, attractions, foods, or thoughts throughout the EPCOT World Showcase.

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Each country has a Mickey Mouse stamp/sticker, and most have at least one additional character.

germany pavilion at epcot

Credit: Becky Burkett

Donald and his friends from The Three Caballeros (1944) are featured on the pages representing the Mexico pavilion, while the Norway pavilion pages have Goofy on a Viking ship, and the China pavilion section shows Mulan and Mushu.

Lotus Blossom Cafe China Pavilion

Credit: Disney

As the pages of the passport continue (in a counterclockwise direction around the World Showcase), we get to the Germany pavilion section represented by Snow White and Dopey, the Italy pavilion with Donald and Goofy again, the American Adventure with Mickey and Minnie, the Japan pavilion with Mickey again, and the Morocco pavilion displaying characters from Aladdin (1992).

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aladdin and jasmine face characters

Credit: Disney

Rounding out the end of the countries (and passport pages) is the France pavilion with Mickey and Minnie, the United Kingdom pavilion represented with characters from both Alice in Wonderland (1951) and Peter Pan (1953), and finally, the Canada pavilion stickers feature Chip ‘n Dale.

Chip n dale

Credit: Disney

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